Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9-11

If you were an adult in 2001, you probably remember where you were when you heard the news about airplanes being piloted into the Twin Towers.  It was an incredibly horrifying event that shocked so many of us. 

Like you, I remember where I was at the time.  I'm about to really date myself here, but I was 22 years old at the time, and had just started working for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company a few months before, immediately after graduating from college.  The company moved me to Sarasota, Florida to open a brand new hotel there, and on September 11th, 2001, we were holding a job fair at a big civic arena in town.  I was working at the front desk, greeting prospective job candidates with a big Ritz-y smile.  I took a break mid-morning, and that's when I heard the news that an airplane struck the first building.  Whoa.

We were all standing around in shock, unsure of how to proceed.  We continued with the job fair, but EVERYONE I greeted that day asked me if I had heard the news.  They were just as stunned as I was, and some were in tears.  I have no idea why they decided to come to a job fair when they were in such a distressed state, but I guess they really needed a job that badly.  That day, we heard from people who had family in NYC, and they didn't know if their loved ones were okay.  My heart was aching for them, just imagining how awful it would be to not know how your sister or kids were getting by in the mass hysteria.  I didn't know anyone in NYC at the time, but it still affected me.

After the events of 9-11, people were terrified to fly on airplanes, so the tourism industry took a nosedive.  No one was going to hotels, and hotels were in dire straits financially, especially in NYC.  I needed an HR job in 2002, so I took a position at a NYC hotel.  I wasn't afraid of air travel or living in the NYC area, though I had every reason to be.  That's a fearless 23 year old for ya.  Living there and seeing Ground Zero numerous times was a truly sobering experience.  There was a Century 21 store right near Ground Zero, so I started to associate buying my Kate Spade bags with seeing that big empty hole in the ground.  I've since moved away from that association, but it lingered for awhile.

Whereever you were on 9-11-2001, I'm glad you were safe and out of harm's way.

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