Saturday, September 15, 2012

Closing Out This Week

Happy Saturday, friends!! 

It felt so good to close out this particular week and move into the weekend for some R&R.  I finished up a big project at work this week, and spent two days with my coworkers who were visiting from my company's California and Tennessee facilities.  We went out to dinner at Bahama Breeze as a team on Monday night, where I ate far too much delicious food and had a strong margarita.  Let me tell you, it was much needed and so yummy!  My coworkers left on Tuesday, but before they left, we had a few moments to talk in private and they let me know how much I was valued by them and others in my department.  I almost started crying because things have been hard at work lately, and they both got big, enveloping Kari hugs for their kindness.  I'm a hugger, so that's how I display gratitude!  I have trouble playing "the game" needed to be highly successful in political corporate environment, but knowing that I still have an impact makes me feel so much better.  It feels incredible to hear positive words from my peers because they are the ones who really know what's going on. 

On Thursday night, Hubs and I got free tickets from the radio station for the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival at the 1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheater.  YES, that IS the worst name for a concert venue EVER!!  We just call it The Gary.  Shinedown was the headliner, with Godsmack, Staind and Adelita's Way as the support acts.  Hubs' radio station plays all of these bands, so even though they're not really my every-day car-jamming music, I do occasionally listen to and like these bands' music.  Actually, I had already seen these bands in previous concerts I've attended, but it was a free night of entertainment, so we said "what the hell!" and took advantage of the freebies.  Plus, the people watching at these hard rock shows is always AMAZING.  Seriously, it's a lot of bad tattoos and scantily clad people who should NOT be scantily clad.  It's comedy gold.  I'd have taken pictures of some of these people if I wasn't afraid that they'd catch me taking these pictures and kick my ass.

First of all, we had to park at least a mile away.  I take a lot of LONG walks, so I know what a  mile feels like, and that was a mile-long walk from the car to the venue.  Yuck.  We got to the venue during Staind's set because we had to work all day and we missed all of the side stage and early support acts.  We even missed Fozzy, which is the hard rock/heavy metal band fronted by WWE's Chris Jericho, which I would have been somewhat interested in seeing.  I don't really know Fozzy's music, but Hubs tells me that the orginal name of the band was Fozzy Osbourne (great, since they were a hard rock/heavy metal cover band), and I'd be interested in seeing if this wrestler guy has any real musical talent.  Anywho, we caught a few of the most popular Staind songs toward the end of their set, and the saw all of Godsmack and finally a fully-plugged-in set from Shinedown.  Everyone put on great shows, even though Godsmack's set was identical to last year when we saw them at the Mayhem Festival.

We ended up getting out of there around 10 pm, which is an early night for a typical concert, because Papa Roach had to drop from the bill.  Apparently the lead singer has a nodule or something on his vocal chord and couldn't sing past the first week of the tour.  We were SO relieved to get home early, though, because we're not kids anymore and we like to sleep before going back to work the next day. 

On Friday night, Hubs and I enjoyed a great night in, and I made a really amazing dinner.  I made pork and beef meatloaf with garlic red skin mashed potatoes and sweet peas, and served it with some pumpkin craft beer.  Mmmm, reminds me of my mom's Sunday dinners when I was growing up!

Holy Moly, that's a huge pile of potatoes!
We decided to have dinner on the couch last night rather than a proper meal at the dinner table, and it was really nice.  We won't do this after we have kids, but it's great for now!  The towels under our plates are to protect the leather couches from our warm plates, which is probably unnecessary but it makes us feel better about eating on the arm of the couch!

This morning, I slept in until my personal alarm clock (aka Bella) woke me up for her breakfast and morning walk.  I went to the mall and found a few good deals on work clothes, bought a bridal shower gift for one of my friends, then went to Bath and Body Works for their home fragrance sale.  I scored some candles, Wallflowers and even talked the manager into giving me two of the free candle deals!  I'm planning to give one to my sister when I see her tomorrow, so I told Hubs to relax (he sees more candles and flips out).   I came home and cleaned the kitchen, then hit Target before coming home to hang out with Hubs. 

Tonight, we're going to Wings Gone Wild to watch the Michigan State v. Notre Dame football game with the Tampa Bay Spartans Alumni Club, so there will be a lot of cheering, chanting and singing of the fight song.  Go Spartans!!!

Hope you all are having a fah-bulous Saturday!!!

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