Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn Envy

Each year, I have mixed feelings about the coming of Fall.  It is truly my favorite time of year, due to a variety of factors:

The delicious onslaught of pumpkin-y goodness in food, beer, candles and bath products
Yankee Candle (duh)
Bath and Body Works
Shipyard Pumpkinhead Beer
College football!!
Warm colors available in clothing and accessories
Old Navy
Cooler weather
Eddie Bauer (Hoodie Central)
Trees changing color
The return of closed-toe shoes (sorry, flip-flops)
TOMS Burlap Flats
Halloween and Thanksgiving
Bella's Skeleton PJ's are perfect for Halloween

But I continue to struggle with truly feeling immersed in Autumn because we living central Florida, where the weather STILL isn't cool (it's in the 80's every day) and our trees don't change color.  Like, not even a little bit.  They stay green alllll year long.  I say booooo to that!  Plus, there's something about seeing beaches and palm trees that doesn't scream Fall to me. 

I long to live in the north, where I grew up, and see the sights and smells of the season.  The scent of burning leaves instantly takes me back to playing outside in a huge pile of orange, red and yellow leaves that were lovingly raked into a gargantuan mound in the backyard at my parents' house (thanks Dad!).  My sister and I would jump into the leaves, roll around in them, hide in them and scare each other, and make a bigger mess for my Dad to continue raking up.   It was pure heaven.  I feel bad that my future children will not experience that particular kind of joy, unless, of course, we move.  And we're not really in a position to relocate just because I miss playing in piles of leaves... Tempting, though?  YES.

I'm envious of my friends who live up north and post pictures of Facebook and their blogs of the beautiful Fall colors, their trips to the apple orchards and their hauls at the cider mills.  The pangs of jealousy are strong, but I try to remember that I get really fabulous, warm winters here.  There are some advantages to living in Florida, and I know I shouldn't complain.  And I'm not really complaining, I've just been thinking about it a lot lately.  I really am excited for everyone who gets to take part in the hayrides and drink apple cider slushies, and I wish I was there with you!

So this Fall, just know that I'm living vicariously through you and all of your fun Autumn activities.    Tonight, Hubs and I did the most Autumn-y thing we could think of in Florida:  we went to a stand that sells pumpkins, bought a couple of giant ones and discussed our plans to carve them this weekend (Hubs is making a cannibal pumpkin, whatever that is).  In case you're wondering, we don't grow pumpkins down here, but churches and vegetable markets sell them by the palette-full.  They're not cheap, but it's just not Halloween without carving a pumpkin, so we pay whatever it costs.  We actually found a couple of primo pumpkins this year because we hit the stand fairly early and we had great choices.  Last year I paid $40 for ONE stinking pumpkin because it was 2 days before Halloween and those people preyed on my desperation.  I wasn't about to let the local Methodist church take advantage of me again this year!!

I hope you are all enjoying the loveliness the Autumn season has to offer!


ChatterBlossom said...

Oh, sorry about the lack of fall weather for you! I will make sure to salute every pumpkin I see in your honor! ;-)

And I love those ballet Tom's flats. I didn't even know they made those!


Michelle said...

i just bought a new fall scented candle! love yankee's scents :) said...

I love that candle!

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