Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Recap & 98Rock Halloweenie Roast

Holy smokes, this has been such a good weekend!  Now that it's Sunday night and I've had some time to reflect, this hodge-podge activities has been equal parts fun and relaxing.

On Friday night, Hubs and I had a little date night where we went out to one of our favorite hamburger joints, Square 1 Burgers, and hit the local Catholic church's pumpkin patch.  I really wanted a good pumpkin this year, and Hubs and I got lucky.  We both got gorgeous pumpkins and they were much less expensive than the prices we paid last year.  We came home, and I did routine stuff (paid bills and watched Ghost Adventures) while Hubs prepped for his weekend shifts at the radio station. 

On Saturday, I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in and indulge in some relaxing, sleepy-eyed tv watching.  I always watch Kitchen Crashers and House Crashers on HGTV on Saturday mornings, fantasizing about hitting the home improvement lottery like those people.  I then dropped my rings off at the jewelry store for semi-annual inspection and rhodium plating, and decided to do a little shopping.  There's an Ulta in the shopping center, which is like my toy store... a dangerous, money-sucking toy store.  I proudly purchased the uber-famous Urban Decay Naked palette, and I couldn't be happier about it!  I love neutrals on my eyelids, so this will be used A LOT.  I also hit up the local Mall to use some coupons (of course) and founds some great deals on work clothes and jeans.

Hubs got home from the radio station and we immediately headed out to the Halloweenie Roast, Hubs' radio station's annual Halloween concert, at the 1-800-Ask Gary Amphitheater.  This year's line-up was PERFECT for Halloween:  Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, All That Remains, Machinehead and DJ Starscream (who also performs with Slipknot).  You're probably saying to yourself, "What the hell is this girl doing seeing THESE bands???"  I was thinking the same thing -- what the hell am I doing here??  These aren't bands I listen to, but since Hubs' radio station plays some of their songs, I am at least familiar with them.  We had free tickets and a VIP parking pass, so I had no complaints.  I'm always game for a free concert!!

Ladies, this concert was a total freak show.  The things I have seen will be burned into my brain for years to come, I swear.  The station encouraged listeners to come to the show in costume, and they actually listened.  I think I've now seen the slutty or murdered version of any costume you can imagine:  nun, nurse, cop, fireman, bride, football player, Wonder Woman, angel, zombie... you name it, I bet I saw it.  I really liked one guy who came dressed as Doctor Evil, who had a baby doll (Mini Me) strapped to his chest in a Baby Bjorn. 

Even the people who were technically not in costumes were so crazy-looking that it proved to be an exceptional people-watching experience.  Apparently the uniform for chicks at heavy metal shows is anything black, tight and exposing great amounts of cleavage any and tattoos.  I was clearly overdressed and I stuck out like a sore thumb.  I was wearing a chambray shirt, plum colored jeans and silver ballet flats, and I probably looked like the enemy!  I didn't care, though.  Hubs and I were having fun gawking at the other crazy get-ups around us.

Hubs and I then fanagled our way into the VIP area to hang with Pete's radio station co-workers.  Apparently we were supposed to have gotten All Access passes, but *someone* forgot to put them in our package.  Grrr.  Once inside, our pal Useless bought us each a Jagermeister shot, so we fit right in with the heavy metal contingency.  Until I met Hubs, I would have never taken a straight Jager shot, but he's corrupted me it doesn't even seem that bad to me anymore.

Our friend Chris then called us, and invited us to join him on the Bud Light Party Deck.  Apparently he's friends with the son of the guy who runs it for the local beer distributor, so he got us in for free.

Me and Hubs (never mind Hubs' unshaven Neanderthal look)
My passes... In like Flynn.
We hung out for a bit and decided to stay awhile longer when we discovered that entry onto the deck also means three free Bud Lights for each of us. I was driving, so I gave most of my tickets to Hubs, who was a very happy camper.  See the evidence of his fun below.

Overall, the concert had both high and low points.  The earlier heavy metal bands were fine, if you like that sort of thing.  Hubs is a huge fan of the genre and is his station's resident heavy metal expert, so he enjoyed it. 

Marilyn Manson was... interesting.  I've never really been a fan of his, but some people totally dig his schtick.  He played some songs I vaguely remember from MTV in the '90's (you know, back when they played music), but his performance kind of sucked.  It was obvious that he was drunk and was slurring his words all over the place.  I think we'll see him on the next installment of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  He did manage to make it all the way through without much incident, but it was a lackluster performance.

Marilyn Manson dressed up like the Pope

During "The Dope Show", a large sign lit up the word DRUGS (classy, no?)
After that shit show was over, Rob Zombie came out and totally killed it (in a good way)!!  He was coherent, so that was one point in his favor, but he also put on a real, honest-to-goodness SHOW.  He had red smoke pouring into the air, pyro, old horror movie clips shown on the screen behind the band, and huge anamatronic monsters/robots milling around on stage.  Here are a few pictures from his set, courtesy of my friend Chris Fields...
Show started with a giant King Kong screen in front of the state, which eventually dropped straight down to reveal the band
Rob Zombie with some of his gigantic monsters on stage
Rob Zombie riding one of his monsters around on stage amidst a whirlwind of confetti
Rob and his band members came out at the end wearing full length gold sequined coats, where they channeled their inner Freddie Mercury.  My camera didn't get a good shot of that, but it was a nice flamboyant way to end the evening.
On the drive home, we decided that we were a bit peckish and needed some grub.  We decided to take a spin through the Taco Bell late night drive through for some FourthMeal (fast food's best-ever marketing campaign).  Never has a cheap taco tasted so good!  That sure did bring back memories of hitting Taco Bell after closing down the bars in my younger years. 
On Sunday, Hubs and I both slept in (two days in a row for this girl!!), then went to grab some food at Einstein Bros. Bagels (where I also picked up two tubs of their AMAZING Pumpkin Schmear).  We then took a trip to Michael's and Publix, then headed home to start carving our pumpkins!  
Pumpkin carving is always an event in my house.  Hubs had NEVER carved a pumpkin in his life until he met me.  This factoid totally shocks me because I assumed that everyone did this, at least as a kid.  Anyway, I love doing it and it puts me in the Halloween spirit, so we've done it for the past couple of years.  I'm a boring pumpkin carver and always do a cutesy, non-threatening jack-o-lantern face. 
Kari's Pumpkin
See Hubs in the backgroud working on his pumpkin?  That's a serious face, and he means business.  He's even got the laptop open to assist him with his design.  I just sat back and let him do his thang.  My dear, sweet, deranged husband had to do something much more evil looking than I did, so he carved a Cannibal Pumpkin.  That's right, it's a vicious pumpkin eating a sweet, scared little pumpkin.
Totally Metal, my devil horns are nearby
For dinner tonight, Hubs and I met up with two other couples for dinner at Arigato, a Japanese steakhouse, known for it's traditional hibachi-style cooking and modern decor.  I had a Groupon for this restaurant that was burning a hole in my pocket, so tonight was the night to redeem it!  I left feeling STUFFED beyond belief.  I always liken the volume of food at this place to a death row prison inmate's last meal.  You get soup, salad, noodles, fried rice, vegetables and TONS of meat.  I have no idea why people order appetizers at this place because their regular meals feed you like tomorrow's going to be your last day on Earth. 
Before we left the restaurant, I talked to one of my BFF's, Jess, about getting together to watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn before the next movie comes out in the theater.  It looks like that little party for two will be taking place next weekend (our husbands will be off at a bachelor party). 
On another awesome note for Sunday, the weather FINALLY cooled down!!!  It was in the 70's today, so I broke out my sweater hoodie and enjoyed every moment of being outdoors.  I even came home and opened up all of my windows so the cool, fresh air could run through my house.  I hope we get more of these days soon!
Sadly, my Detroit Tigers lost the World Series tonight, but my Michigan State Spartans beat Wisconsin in college football on Saturday, so I guess it's a trade off.  I'm happy for MSU, but so disappointed for Tigers fans everywhere.
That's it for me!!  Quite a weekend recap, I might say.  I hope you all had a great weekend!


ChatterBlossom said...

Yikes! Marilyn Mansen? That would have made a scary halloween for me! People watching there would have been disturbing...

Brittany Belling said...

Sounds like quite the weekend! I used to listen to All That Remains all the time, and even met the lead singer, Phil once! I'm pretty sure I'm the same height as him! haha

I went to Ozzfest and I'm still kind of scarred from that experience, so I can't imagine that concert!! Seriously there were girls ranging from 20-40 completely topless and it was apparently acceptable because they had body paint on. Eww!

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