Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Popsugar Must Have Box

This is my second month getting the Popsugar Must Have box, and I can say that I'm still pretty impressed.  My first month wowed me, and this month's box was pretty darn good.

Clockwise from upper left:
$30 CanvasPop Gift Card
1 Credit for StyleMint (hiding behind CanvasPop card)
La Boite Spice Mixes
Yogalosophy Yoga Workout DVD
Snow & Graham Thank You Notes
Gorjana Parker Bracelet
MOR Lip Macarons in French Vanilla
Stonewall Kitchen Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mix
I was really impressed with the overall value of this box, just like I was with the last box.  These boxes cost $35, which is steep compared to other subscription services, but when you consider the value of what's in the box, you realize that you're getting a great deal.
I was excited about the Canvas Pop gift card since Hubs and I are looking to get some photos put on canvases for our house.  This will take the edge off our total bill, and ya'll know I love a good coupon.
The StyleMint credit is good for one $29.99 item on the website.  This is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's site, and the clothes are pretty much basics.  I ordered a long sleeved tee shirt with a draped neckline, and I'm hoping it's not too tiny.  If it's a tad on the small side, I may try to use my credit over at one of the other Mint sites (ShoeMint, JewelMint, IntiMint).
The spice mixes are actually really great.  There are two that are more geared to desserts and one that's good on fish and chicken.  They're interesting, complex flavors that add a little pizzazz to an otherwise hum-drum dish. 
I haven't tried the Yoga DVD because I really don't have anywhere to do yoga in my house.  Have I mentioned that our condo is the size of a postage stamp?  This may get some play when we buy our next house and have a decent sized room for exercising.
Next was the Snow & Graham thank you notes.  I cannot express just how much I love these note cards!  I'm a stationery geek anyway, but I think these letterpress cards are pretty impressive.  If you haven't purchased a Snow & Graham product in the past, you should definitely check the company out!  Their paper goods are truly gorgeous and anyone would feel lucky to get a pretty card like this in the mail.

The Gorjana Parker bracelet really excited me when I first opened the box, then I tried it on.  Well, attempted to try it on.  The bracelet was WAY too tiny!  I don't even have fat wrists, and this thing was about 1/2" to 1" too short.  I figured out that I could wear it as a short necklace if I wanted get some use out of it, but I'd prefer it as a multi-wrap bracelet.  I'm jealous of anyone whose wrists are teensy enough to get this thing clasped, because it's so very cute!
The MOR lip macarons in French Vanilla is a yummy, clear balm that did a nice job of moisturizing my lips.  I'd love to buy this in other flavors, like maybe Lychee Flower or Sorbet, Sorbet or Cassis Noir.  Mmmmmm.
Finally, we come to the Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut mix.  I haven't made these yet because I don't have a doughnut pan.  Womp, womp.  I did, however, see one on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond last week, so perhaps I must pay that fine establishment a visit.  I just wish there was a way to make these without having to buy a special pan!
Overall, a pretty great box.  I'd estimate that this box is worth about $100, so it's a good value for the money spent.  Even Hubs agrees that you get great stuff in this box, and he's usually a tough critic when it comes to me bringing home more "stuff". 
Check out Popsugar's Must Have box if you have a chance!!  You won't be sorry.  There are even some great coupon codes out there if you're a first-timer and you're skeptical of the big price tag.  Sign up here!
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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Brittany Belling said...

That looks fabulous! How many subscription boxes are you signed up for girl!?

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