Friday, November 2, 2012

Popsugar Must Have Box

As y'all know, I'm a huge fan of subscription boxes.  Some are winners, some are duds, so I've been reevaluating what I choose to spend my hard-earned money on. 

My twin sister, who is a subscription box whore too, told me about a new subscription box from Popsugar.  They call it the Must Have box, and it's full of exciting full-size and trial sized products that range from books to scarves to candles to movie tickets.  It seriously looked awesome!  The downside?  It costs 35 bones a month.  Ouch.  They typical subscription box is $10 per month, so I figured that this Must Have box better prove it's worth quickly to keep getting my money.   

I decided to ditch my Cravebox subscription (the last two boxes have been awful) and give the Must Have box a whirl for one month.  Just one.  I even found a coupon for half off of the monthly price on, so it was a great way to test the waters without the big financial commitment. 

My first box arrived last week, and I was shocked at how much value you get for the money spent. 

Here's the box:

The Goodies:
(Clockwise starting from Left)
Red Flower Candle in Spanish Gardenia
Book - The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling
Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar Puffs
OPI Pink of Hearts 2012 Nail Polish Set
Dylan's Candy Bar Gummy Bears
Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner - 3 fl oz each
I loved the variety in this box!  Not only do you get a great selection of products, but the quality of the items is really impressive.
The Pirates Booty lasted all of 3.5 seconds before I cracked open the bag and ate it (it was my after work snack).  It was so delicious!!  The gummy bears were pretty awesome too, but isn't everything from Dylan's Candy Bar stellar?! 
The ExerSocks are comfy and have little grips on the bottom to keep you from sliding on slippery surfaces.  They would be great for yoga class, puttering around the house (on our wood and tile floors) or waddling around the hospital as a pregnant lady waiting to give birth (I'm planning ahead, can't you tell?). 
The Red Flower candle in Spanish Gardenia smells heavenly.  I inhaled the fragrance for 5 straight seconds because I couldn't break free from it's hold.  I have a thing for gardenias though, and even planted a little gardenia bush outside of one of my bedroom windows so I could open the windows and smell the fabulous scent.  What's very cute is that this candle also comes with some dried flower petals that you can sprinkle in your bath or tie up in a piece of muslin to make a sachet.  LOVE.
The OPI polish set is absolutely perfect.  I've been looking for a pink sparkly polish, and was surprised when this one arrived at my doorstep.  It's called You Glitter Be Good To Me, and it's going on my toes when I get my pedi this weekend.  The other color, I Think In Pink, is a pretty bubblegum pink shade that will be perfect for Spring and Summer.\
Finally, we have Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner.  I've actually tried these before, and they're pretty good.  I don't think they helped my itchy scalp problem that well, but my hair was always shiny, soft and managable.  While these are not full-size products, they are larger than trial size, so I'm going to save them to take on my next vacation.
I added up the value of the individual pieces.  The total value of the box is over $95, so the $35 pricetag was actually not so bad.  I'd love to get next month's box, but I want to see if I can find a new coupon code to keep the price low.  I'm such a bargain hunter that I have to try to get a deal wherever possible!
Sooooo... I just swapped out one subscription box for another, but progress is progress.  I would rather spend a little more to get something great than spend a little and feel like all I got was junk.  I have a feeling that I'll be making some more decisions soon about whether to keep or get rid of the Ipsy bag and Birchbox.  They've both had redeeming qualities lately, but I necessarily need so many of these things every month (as my husband has so sweetly reminded me).  We'll see what next month holds!

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