Monday, November 26, 2012

Stuffed: An Ode to Thanksgiving Weekend

Schtuffed.  That was me multiple times throughout this glorious weekend.  I always eagerly anticipate this blessed occasion and everything that goes along with it:  Gorging myself on turkey and pumpkin pie, shopping and lots of family time. 

Hubs and I went to my parents' house on Wednesday night and stayed until Saturday afternoon, and we had a lovely time.  When we got there, we went to dinner with the 'rents and caught up on the latest in our lives and the shenanigans of my oven (this time, it's that my timer no longer dings when time runs out).  My twin sister and her hubby joined us later in the evening, when we enjoyed my mom's famous crab dip and my sister's ridiculously yummy chocolate chip cookies.  This is a family that knows how to eat! 

On Thanksgiving Day, we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and my sis and I reminisced about the year that she and I went ot the parade (2002, to be exact).  We parked our butts along Central Park West, near the beginning of the parade route and watched this fantastic event.  I will never forget how incredibly huge those balloons were in person.  We then got hot chocolate in Central Park and rode the carousel, then walked down to the Hard Rock Cafe to eat a proper Thanksgiving Dinner.  We then walked from Midtown to Macy's Herald Square (this is a hike if you're not used to walking longer distances) and looked at the amazing Muppets-themed store windows.  I <3 at="at" holidays="holidays" nyc="nyc" p="p" the="the">
Back to this year's Thanksgiving.  My uncle and aunt came over to the house and we cooked a humongous dinner. 

Holy mountain of mashed potatoes, Batman!!  Yup, I made those.  I had a delicious dinner, but I didn't overeat this year.  I was pretty full at the end of the meal, but not sick or sleepy full.  I was unbutton-my-jeans full.  The only downside was that my parents had no wine to enjoy with our Thanksgiving feast, but I survived!

My Family (pardon the awful flash issue)

We dined al fresco because it was the only table large enough for 8 of us!

On Thanksgiving night, I had to go up to CVS (to buy wine and some other odds and ends), then Hubs and I gave into temptation and went to both Wal-Mart and Target.  The lines were CRAZY LONG and the people were stacked up all over the store.  I was so glad we weren't there with much  an agenda or else I'd probably have been in a tizzy.  I did manage to score some great DVD deals and a gift for my sister, so our venture was a success.  Later that night, I bought a new Nikon Coolpix camera since it was on sale online and I didn't want to fight the electronics crowds on Black Friday. 

On  Black Friday, my mom and I went out early in the morning and hit Kohl's, Old Navy, Macy's, Bath and Body Works, Beall's and Pier 1.  I got some tremendous deals!!  At Kohl's, I got a Corningware French White casserole set for $40, then I had 3 coupons, brining the price down to $22.  Then, I got a $20 mail-in rebate, which made the set almost free!  If there are two things this girl likes, it's casseroles and discounts, so I was stoked.

The Spoils

On Black Friday, we had leftovers for dinner and I made this bad boy:  a Thanksgiving Dinner Sandwich.

Why yes that is Pepperidge Farms Farmhouse bread, turkey, stuffing, jellied cranberry sauce and mayo.  It was so flippin' good!  I pretty much at this with some mashed potatoes and all of my leftover cravings were instantly fulfilled.

Hubs and I left the parentals' house on Saturday, then came home to watch my Michigan State Spartans beat the Minnesota Golden Gophers in football.  It was sort of an ugly game until the second half, but I enjoyed watching.  After that, Hubs and I got some din-din and bought a new stove on a great sale.  This new stove is going to be  It's practically a Ferrari compared to my current Kia model.  I can't wait to fire it up and bake a TON of Christmas cookies in that thing!

On Sunday, my sis and my parents met me to do some shopping for my sister, who just announced that she's PREGNANT!!  I'm so thrilled for her and my brother-in-law, who have been trying for a baby for over a year.  I also can't wait to be an auntie so I can spoil this kid rotten!!  Our shopping on Sunday entailed a trip to BuyBuy Baby and Motherhood Maternity, and we had a blast.

Today has been a delightful, lazy day for me.  I took the day off to use up some vacation time, and ended up getting my bloodwork done, meeting Hubs for lunch, stopping at Starbucks, and doing a few things around the house.  I've loved having the day mostly to myself!

I'm going back to work tomorrow, and after 5 days off, it's going to be rough.  I will just bask in the afterglow of an amazing weekend that kicked off yet another joyous holiday season.

I hope you all had a fun weekend!!

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