Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Revisited

It's Monday, and that means that I'm back to work and reality once again.  I am going to reminisce about this past weekend, because it was so darn good! 

This past weekend represented a first for my Hubby and I:  The first weekend we've ever spent together at home, where neither of us had to work.  Seriously.  We've been together for more than 4 years, and the entire time I've known Hubs, he's had to work on Friday nights and Saturdays.  He's gotten an occasional weekend off here and there, but only for when we were going out of town and he was nowhere near the office.  Now he's mine, all mine (like, all the time).

Having Hubs all to myself on weekends was an exciting proposition, but to be honest, it scared me a little, too.  I have been so accustomed to having my "me" time on Friday nights and Saturdays to do whatever the hell I felt like.  Time to pay bills, sleep in, watch Ghost Adventures and Couples Therapy on my DVR, take Bella on lazy walks and go shopping...  Well, it's not just "me" time anymore, it's "us" time.  Truth be told, I'd gladly give up some of that "me" time to spend more quality time with my sweetie pie.

On Friday night, Hubs and I decided to celebrate our first full weekend at home together by having a delish dinner at Seasons 52.  If you're not familiar with Seasons 52, check it out here.  It is a chain restaurant that specializes in healthy meals (all meals are under 475 calories!!) with a rotating seasonal menu.  Everything I've ever had there has been amazing, including this humongous Cuban flatbread that Hubs and I shared:

Yup, it was like 2 feet long and it tasted just like a Cuban sandwich!

After our trip to Seasons, we stopped at the mall so I could stock up on holiday handsoap at Bath and Body Works (they're on sale 5 for $15 right now!).  Hubs and I then drove home, where he collapsed on the couch and fell asleep at 9:00.  So much for a romantic evening at home!  I actually didn't mind, though, because it gave me a couple of hours to work on my budget and watch my DVR'd shows.  Not so bad afterall!

Saturday rolled around, and I took Hubs to his appointment to see if he's a candidate for LASIK.  Sure enough, he is!  We scheduled his procedure for December 14, so he'll be glasses-free for Christmas!  I know how good it feels to be liberated from a pair of glasses, and I'm super excited for him. 

After the eye appointment, we went to Cheesecake Factory for a quick lunch, then shopped around for awhile.  I saw SO many pretty things that will definitely be making their way onto my Christmas list this year!  But that's another post for another day. 

While we were at the mall, we had a celebrity sighting!  We saw Jessica and Ashlee Simpson signing autographs at a Dillard's department store, where Jessica was promoting her new fragrance and accessories.  Here's proof:

They were so cute and platinum blonde!  And Jessica was looking GREAT!  You could never tell that she weighed 60 lbs more just 6 months ago.  She's my new weight loss inspiration!

On Saturday night, Hubs and I had dinner at a great little Italian restaurant and saw Skyfall.  My husband is longtime Bond fan, and proceeded to tell me everything I'd want to know about all of the different James Bonds (including why Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore were the worst Bonds).  Oy.  I think this movie was actually pretty great, if you're into spy thrillers.  Action movies usually raise my blood pressure and leave me feeling a wee bit panicked, so they're not my typical fare.  But this one got my stamp of approval, as did the last Bond flick.

On Sunday, Hubs and I made breakfast at home and did lots of work around the house.  It was actually pretty heavenly to spend most of the day at home.  I cleaned up my closet, we did some laundry, and generally got myself more organized.

All in all, a super duper weekend!  And now we're back to the big, bad grind.  The saving grace of this week is that it's a really short week--just 3 days of work then we're off for 4 more days!  I think I can handle that. 

Hope you ladies have a wonderful week!!

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