Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Concert Time Again

Everyone has a passion for something different.  While my passions lie with beauty products and Dave Matthews Band, my husband's lie with heavy metal and Tasty Kakes.  Whatever, it works.  Since both of us love music, we have a mutual passion for going to concerts as often as financially feasible. 

Last night, Hubs' favorite band, Killswitch Engage, was in town and they were performing his favorite album in it's entirety.  Yep, all songs from the same album, in the same order as on the album, with no other songs from any of their other albums. 

You might ask, why would a band do this??  Don't their fans love ALL of their music and want to hear their most popular songs from all of their albums?  Well, lately concert ticket prices have been on the rise, and bands are trying really different things to draw in crowds, things like performing full albums.  Weezer recently did a 2 night stand in Orlando where they performed the Blue Album (their debut) one night and Pinkerton the second night.  And the shows sold out!  Bands are trying whatever they can to generate buzz and bring out fans who may be somewhat dormant.  At first I was skeptical of the gimmicks, but now I love the idea of seeing one of my favorite bands play one of their most popular albums in full.  It's just cool!

Anywho, the concert was fun, even for a chick that does not like heavy metal.  The show was sold out, so it was packed to the gills with sweaty, tattooed men (and a few semi-scary women).  The venue was extremely, hot, stuffy and moist, and the bands even commented on how gross it was.  I was sweating like a butcher and got so hot that I had to take my cardi off (and that never happens!!).  Ew.

A couple of observations on the show.  First, I can now say that I've seen the gnarliest dreadlocks and the grossest beards, and I've smelled the funkiest B.O.  I'm the best wife EVER for going to this show--only for the man I love!  Second, stage diving (aka crowd surfing) and moshing are alive and well in the metal world.  There was much of this activity at the show, and it brought me right back to 1995.  Third, the show was actually good!  The bands were technical and demonstrated great musicianship.   Finally, I was so happy seeing my husband in his element, rocking out to his favorite music of all time.  Totally worth the sweat, stink and crowds.

Here's a nice little picture of us from the show...

Why yes, those are hot pink earplugs in my ears.  I know, I know, I'm getting soft in my old age.  Heavy metal shows are LOUD, and I'm getting too old to tolerate my ears ringing for 24 hours straight after a show.  I guarantee that other peoples' ears had to be hurting the next day, and mine felt just dandy.

Here are a couple of notable pictures from the show, just in case you wondered what a heavy metal concert looked like...

A man with very long dreadlocks (lead singer of Shadows Fall)

The headliner, KSE
Doesn't look like my kind of crowd, right?  Well sometimes it's fun doing things that are outside of my element, particularly when they're things they Hubs loves.  Again, best wife ever.

Do you ever to go concerts?  If so, who's your favorite artist to see live?

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