Sunday, December 23, 2012

Living and Loving Through The Holidays

I have been such a busy girl this December!  I feel like things have been go, go, going with nary a break for Starbucks or other little diversions.  Amidst the craziness, I have found time to get the important things done:  buy and wrap all of my presents, get a pedicure, bake, and indulge in every single Holiday-related thing I can.  Here are some of my favorite events from the past week...


'Tis the season for consuming insane amounts of yummy goodies with family and friends!!  I LOVE baking, so this time of year is where I'm in my element.  Last weekend I baked 12 dozen cookies both on my own and with my twin sister, causing me to wash umpteen pots, pans, bowls and spatulas over the course of two days.  My sister and I had a blast, especially decorating our famous soft sour cream sugar cookies. 

Our cookie decorating operation in full force.

Our finished products
It's just not Christmas without Peanut Butter Blossoms

I also baked M&M cookies, mint chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles, and I whipped up a huge batch of Buckeyes.  YUM!  I had to sent 4 dozen cookies to work with Hubs, some home with my sister for our family Christmas next week, and keep some for us to munch on.  Thankfully they're all delicious!


Between work parties and my Tampa Juniors party, we have been going all over the place!   One good thing is that our normal holiday party with our friends has been postponed until after the new year, so that's one less party to hit this December. 

Tracy and I before we left the Tampa Juniors party and headed to Yoko's for sushi

Hubby's last night with glasses!

My sweet man FINALLY got LASIK a week ago, and I've been helping him in his recovery.  Hubs was like me, he'd had glasses since he was a pre-teen, and was just dying to know life without them.  A life of being able to see when you swim.  A life of buying whichever sunglasses you want.  A life of being able to see clearly in the shower and when you first roll out of bed.  It's truly glorious, and I'm stoked that Hubs now gets to experience this, too.
Pre-op:  Prepped and ready for the procedure.  The green dot meant that they were doing both eyes.
Post-LASIK Goggles are sexy
Speaking of those goggles, doesn't he kind of look like the "I like the tin man" kid from A Christmas Story??  Too cute!
Are we the only people who love driving around and checking out peoples' Christmas lights?!  I didn't think so.  I look forward to doing this every year!  We always make a point to drive through our area of town, as well as take a trip up to the Chick-fil-A on Waters to see their spectacular Christmas lights.  They're unbelievable!  Here are a few pictures from this year...
Lights on anything that's standing still
They had a nativity, angels and Santas... pretty much anything you can imagine
The cinema
They blocked off a drive-through lane to set up a movie screen, which showed The Polar Express to people in folding chairs and bleachers.  Yes, they set up bleachers!  People from the restaurant handed out bags of popcorn and reusable shopping bags with Chick-fil-A PEZ dispensers to everyone too, which was a nice touch.  While we were there, Hubs and I got our requisite Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes, making our Christmas light viewing trip complete.
As I write this, I'm watching Love Actually and looking at my husband, feeling grateful for the love I always feel throughout the holidays.  I'm reminded of my blessings, and that's what the Christmas season brings.  Now there are just a few days left until Christmas, followed closely by my birthday.  The next week is going to be marvelous!!

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