Monday, December 17, 2012

Loving My Cosmo VoxBox

Hey there girlies! 

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent one of the coveted Cosmo VoxBoxes from Influenster.  This was my first VoxBox after being a member of the site, and I was super excited to finally be chosen for one of these bad boys.  I've seen other bloggers post about the VoxBoxes they received and always wanted one of my very own. 

So here are the contents of this little box of happiness:

This VoxBox included a large Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape chocolate bar, a small Forever Red fragrance from Bath and Body Works, two Pilot Frixion pens and a Gillette Venus Embrace razor with an additional Olay razor head.

I've had a chance to sample all of the products, and I feel like I got some great goodies. 

Everyone knows that Ghirardelli makes amazing chocolate treats, and this was my first time trying Sea Salt Escape.  WOW, is it ever delish!  If you love treats that are both sweet and salty like I do, you've got to try this.  This bar is of the milk chocolate persuasion, with almonds and sea salt to spice it up.  It kind of reminded me of eating a chocolate covered potato chip.  Yum!

The Forever Red fragrance from Bath and Body Works was also a great addition.  I'm a Bath and Body Works junkie and while I've seen this fragrance in the stores, I hadn't tried it.  The fragrance is a mix of fruits, florals and musky tones, so it may appeal to a wide audience.  Here are the scents that create this pretty frangrance...

  • Top Notes: Fiery Pomegranate, Rare French Peach, Luminous Apple
  • Mid Notes: Red Peony, Night Marigold, Red Osmanthus
  • Dry Notes: Rich Vanilla Rum, Velvety Marshmallow, Oak Wood

  • My first reaction the fragrance was that it seemed a bit strong, but it's an eau de parfum, so it should be!   I wore it out to dinner with my husband, and that's when the magic happened. The dry down of this fragrance is far better than the top notes, in my opinion, and it wore very well.  I really enjoyed it, and so did my hubby!

    Next, I got a Venus Embrace razor with an additional Olay razor head.  I've been using Venus razors for years, but hadn't tried the Embrace or the Olay heads.  Both heads have 5 blades for maximum smoothness, which we're all looking for, right?  The Embrace is a standard razor head, while the Olay head includes two Olay Moisture Bars, which release skin conditioners to help prevent dryness. Both heads gave me a very close shave and I'm never going back to a 3-blade razor head again!  The Olay head was great and added a lot of moisture, but I didn't particularly need it with my ultra-moisturizing shave cream.  But in the cold, dry winter months, more moisture never hurts!  All in all, both were winners.

    The Pilot Frixion Pens were the unlikely heroes of the box.  These are erasable pens, and Influenster sent one in red and one in black.  I used the black pen to write all of my Christmas cards, and I am in love!  This pen writes fluidly and with minimal drag on the page.  Also, this ink does not smear, which is HUGE for us lefties, who typically drag our hands through whatever we've just written.  What's also great is that the ink is erasable, and what's awesome is that it erases so cleanly!!  I've never used an erasable pen that delivered like this one does.  Even my husband, who could usually care less about pens, asked me where I got this pen and wondered if we had anymore.  He loved the way it wrote, too!

    So there you have it, my lovely VoxBox was as awesome as I hoped it would be.  Thanks to Influenster for sending me this box of love!

    If you got a VoxBox, what was your favorite product?


    K_stets said...

    I got one too!!!!!

    And seriously, I loved everything in it....although I think they should give more chocolate next time! ;)

    Brittany Belling said...

    Now I want that candy bar and have to try those pens!!

    Malerie said...

    I had those pens in college-- let me give you a tip.

    Don't use them on any form that is going to be copied using a copier, the heat takes the ink right off. It happened to me with the Admissions Office and they made me come the whole way there and use the pen again so they didn't think they were going crazy :-)

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