Friday, December 14, 2012

Torani Syrups ~ A Review

Hello, my name is Kari, and I'm addicted to sugar. 

Regular sugar or faux sugar, it matters not.  I just love sweets!  Sometimes I feel like Buddy the Elf, where my favorite food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.  Yummy flavored syrups, to be exact, and none are better than Torani flavored syrups.

I've been a fan of Torani syrups for years, and have used them mainly in coffee and cocktails.  I hear that they can also be a nice addition to a food recipe, but I haven't gotten beyond beverages and food toppings.  Starbucks uses them, as does one of my favorite fro yo and health food shops, D'Lites, so I know they're great quality.  The flavors are always bold and just sweet enough to appease me.  Mmmm!

I received two bottles of Torani syrups to try out, and I received the Gingerbread and Sugar-Free Salted Caramel flavors.  Both were flavors I'd never tried before, and since I'm always up for trying new drinks, I got right on sampling them!

I tried both in my coffee and hot cocoa, and they were excellent!  They really elevated my morning drink experience.

No two flavors get me in the mood for Christmas like Gingerbread and Peppermint, and I LOVED the Gingerbread syrup in my morning brew.  I have been using WaWa coffee lately, and this complemented the flavor nicely.  I appreciated the spiciness without it being too overpowering.  I didn't need much of it, only a half tablespoon or so, just to get just enough of the flavor.

I also tried the Sugar-Free Salted Caramel syrup, and was pleasantly surprised.  It was really tasty and didn't have that weird, chemical-y aftertaste that some syrups have.  Win!  I also used this as a drizzle over some vanilla ice cream and it was yummy that way too.  This is a very versatile product!

If you're interested in an adult beverage, I also tried a shot mixing a little of the Gingerbread syrup with vanilla vodka.  Um, YES, it was amazing!  I think it would also be good with whipped cream flavored vodka, maybe even cake flavored vodka. 

Give these syrups a try and you won't be sorry!  You can pick these up at many local grocery stores, health food stores and, and they run about $7-$8 per 750 ml bottle.  Considering how long a bottle of this lasts, the price isn't bad, especially when you can get the taste of gourmet coffee for a fraction of the price.  Torani syrups will continue to have a place in my pantry as long as they continue making such delicious regular and sugar-free flavors!

This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks and Torani, but the thoughts and opinions on these products are entirely my own.

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