Monday, January 28, 2013

A Little Love for Palmolive Fresh Infusions

One of the tasks that I hate the most is doing dishes.  I absolutely love clean dishes, but the process of washing and drying them just bores me.  The dish soap always dries out my hands and I can't get rid of that typical, antiseptic dish soap scent. Ew.  I always joke that one of the reasons I got married was to have someone to wash my dishes for me.  Ha!  (Hubs doesn't find that as funny as I do.)
I recently got the opportunity to try Palmolive's Fresh Infusions dish soaps, which come in Lime Basil, Lemon Thyme and Ginger White Tea scents. 
Aren't they pretty?

I've been a loyal Dawn dish soap user for years, but I never disliked Palmolive.  I just hadn't used it before, most likely because I didn't find coupons for it.  After giving these Fresh Infusions dish soaps a try, I can say that I've found a new favorite brand! 

When I opened the box, I was immediately struck by how pretty the bottles were.  Palmolive did a great job designing a bottle that looks attractive sitting out on the counter, which is important for those times when I'm too lazy to put the bottle back under the sink.  The bottles look more like expensive shower gel than a dish soap.  I also loved that they sent me three full-size bottles, which was incredibly generous.  Muchas gracias, Palmolive!

These Fresh Infusions dish soaps worked amazingly well on stuck-on food (thanks to Hubs, who leaves plates and bowls with crusted-on food sitting in the sink all day), and the fragrances are DIVINE!!  My favorite scent is the Ginger White Tea, which just smells fresh without being overly herbal.  The Lime Basil and Lemon Thyme smell more like typical dish soaps, but that wouldn't stop me from purchasing them.  My hands still felt a little bit dry after using these, but not nearly as much as they are after using my usual dish soap.  Overall, these were winners!

Because I'm an amazing sister, I'm going to give one of these to my twin to try, so she can experience the awesomeness that is this dish soap.  These are too great to keep them to myself.

Have you tried Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soaps before?  What did you think??

This post was sponsored by Palmolive and She Speaks, but the thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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