Saturday, January 12, 2013

Healthy Goals Progress Report

Now that we've settled comfortably into the new year, it's time to give myself a check-in on my healthy living goals from October.  I've been working at them steadily and I've been doing pretty well!  I haven't been an angel about them over the past couple of months, but I'm pretty consistent with them lately and that's what really counts.

My Progress Report

#1 - Get better sleep habits!
Grade:  B
I'm doing better on this one!  I take medication at night that has the side effect of making me drowsy, so I started taking it about an hour before I plan to go to bed.  This makes me nice and sleepy by the time I hit the hay.  I still sometimes lay in bed awhile trying to fall asleep, but at least I'm resting.  I have seen a big difference in the mornings where I've taken my medication early and gotten to bed by 11 pm, so I'm sticking with it!  For awhile, I was slacking and taking my meds aroung 11, meaning I wouldn't fall asleep until at least 12.  The next mornings always sucked hardcore.  I hate being Zombie Kari on those mornings, so I decided to move back to taking my meds at 10 and going to beddy-by at 11.

#2 - Watch that waistline!
Grade:  C+
Ugh.  I have good days and bad days.  My breakfasts and lunches are still going great, but to be honest, I don't eat a lot before 6 pm.  I have  a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and maybe some pears for breakfast, a Lean Cuisine for lunch and a yogurt as an afternoon snack.  Dinners have been split 50/50.  Half are nice healthy, low-carb dinners, the other half are... well, they're not healthy, low-carb dinners.  I'm getting better about fixing healthier meals, and my crock pot has been a lifesaver.  I must break it out more often!  I have kept my weight consistent with my pre-holiday weight, so that's a good thing... but I haven't lost as much as I would have liked by this point.  It probably had a li'l something to do with the BOGO Ben & Jerry's sale at Publix last week.  I feel like rejoining Weight Watchers may be in my future, you know, just to keep my food choices in check.

I know that exercising would definitely help in the weight loss arena.  I have noticed that women either have amazing genetics or they work their asses off to be slim.  I have neither good genes nor the desire to be on a crazy-strict diet and exercise plan.  So what in the hell am I doing?  I've been taking the pup on long walks in the evenings again. She LOVES them, and they're great to get me back into exercise mode.  When I get back from the walk, my legs are tingling and sometimes sore, so I know I'm feeling it!  A win for the pup, and a win for me!  My hope is to keep challenging myself with greater speed, longer distances and bringing Hubs to help push me farther.  I may even join a gym later this Spring if I get my schedule in order.

#3 - Wean off diet soda!
Grade:  A- 
I have successfully cut back on soda!  I drink less than half the soda that I used to when I made the commitment to cut back in October.  What this really means is that I drink two diet sodas at work every day, but I don't drink soda after 5 pm, only water (or an occasional beer or glass of wine).  I cheated tonight at dinner and had a soda with dinner, but that was a one-off situation.  I swear.  I haven't noticed my weight changing as a result of the cut-back, but the additional water intake has to be helping.  I know that I have doubled my trips to the restroom during the day thanks to all of that water!  (That may have been TMI.)  My ultimate goal is to reduce further so that I'm only drinking one diet soda a day.  This is a new 2013 goal!

I am happy to report that I am feeling a bit more energetic and optimistic.  I feel good about where I'm headed with my goals, but it's time to kick them into high gear!

What goals do you feel most passionate about for the new year?
Have you committed to a new weight loss program or fitness routine?

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Nichole said...

Those are awesome starts, chickie! And all things I need to improve myself haha

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