Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love, Valentine's Day Style

I was lucky enough to marry a romantic man, and as such, he always takes care of me for Valentine's Day.  Seriously, I hit the romance jackpot with Hubs, and even when he's having an "off" year, he's still cuter and sweeter than a lot of guys are when they're laying on their romance game hardcore. 

Since Hubs and I were up in Philly for a couple of weeks, we sort of lost sight of Valentine's Day.  Hey, our priorities were elsewhere, but we decided to make it a low-key holiday this year.  No biggie.

Hubs brought me two dozen gorgeous red roses on Tuesday night, because he wanted to make sure he got my flowers before the day-of rush.  They were the most beautiful flowers he's given me in a long time, so I was pretty excited about them.  Here's a quick picture...

Hubs then took me out to dinner to one of our favorite pizza restaurants, Cappy's, where we enjoyed some amazing caesar salad and a Chicago-style pie.  It was yummy and I loved how relaxing our dinner was.  Usually we go out to a fancy restaurant for V-Day, but truth be told, I kind of loved the less stuffy atmosphere.

When we got home, we exchanged the small gifts we bought each other.  I got him a shit ton of candy and Skyfall on Blu-ray.  I know what my man likes. 

He gave me two gifts.  First, was a heavy gift bag that weighed about 5-10 lbs.  I couldn't imagine what would possibly weigh so much. 

I should stop here and give you some backstory.  That always helps when it's an inside joke, right?  So, while Hubs and I were in Philly and feeling somber, I saw that the picture below was tweeted by People of Walmart (if you haven't heard about People of Walmart, check out  It's a real shopping list found on the floor of a Walmart store.  I read it in the car before we met some friends for lunch, and I DIED LAUGHING.  I was having giggle fits and I couldn't resist showing Hubs.  He died laughing too.  It's funny... or maybe we just have a weird sense of humor.  Either way, we loved it. - A real shopping list

Fast forward to Valentine's Day, my husband decided to fulfill the shopping list.

That's right.  It's a loaf of White People Bread (Archer Farms Pumpkin Streusel... doesn't get anymore "white people" than that), some Shit Fo' Yo Pitz (Dove Pomegranate Deodorant), Ass Wash (Nivea Touch of Happiness Body Wash), Dong Bags (Trojan Magnums... I'd say he's feeling a bit optimistic, but it's only a 3-pack, so not that optimistic), Good Mayo (Kraft Chipotle Mayo), a Big Loofa (courtesy of Target), Tuna Fish Packs (Starkist, of course), and Tortillaz (La Tortilla Factory White Corn Tortillas). Um, this is awesome!!  I loved it and got a huge laugh out of it.  My husband knows the way to my funny bone.

My second gift was a traditional Valentine's Day gift:  A big heart-shaped box of chocolates, four Russell Stover individual truffle candies, and a Reese's heart.  He also gave me a book about Tampa's historic cemetaries.  Before you lift an eyebrow, let me just say that I'm a history buff and have always loved the beauty of very old cemetaries.  It may seem like a weird gift, but I think it's pretty great.  Just go back to the candy and the beautiful roses and it seems awesome again!

Overall, I had a great low-key Valentine's Day with my love.  We've been married a year and a half now and we've never had anything close to a big, blow-out fight.  We are just totally in sync and I love it.  I love him.

I hope you ladies had a great Valentine's Day!!


Mrs. W. said...

That is really funny and cute! :) Glad you guys had a good Valentine's Day.

Betty said...

Oh my goodness...that is the most hilarious shopping list I have ever seen. And I LOVE that your husband went and got all the items. So funny and creative! Glad you had a fun Valentine's.

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