Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Surprise, Surprise!

I have always loved entertaining and having guests visit my home.  It's my mom's fault because she always hosted parties when I was growing up and I developed some strong hosting skillz. 

Even though I love having guests, it's real work to prepare for guests to come into my house.  I usually want to pick up little things I've left out, then clean the house from the tippy top to the very bottom.  I want the house to be spotless, just like my mom always did when I was a kid.  That being said, I don't need my house to be museum quality to have friends come over to visit under regular circumstances.  It just needs to reasonably clean (all common areas, guest bedroom and guest bathroom) and neat, but I don't need to wash the chandeliers or baseboards.

Well, my inner hostess FREAKED OUT on Friday when one of my Hubby's best friends from Delaware, Chrisitian, texted him to say that he was coming to see us.  On Sunday.  With his girlfriend.  And they were going to stay overnight.  Ummm, what????  I had two days to get the house spotless, and to be honest with you, it was a bit of a wreck.  We spent the better part of the past few weeks in Philadelphia, and we had neglected everything from cleaning the bathrooms to doing the laundry to putting the Christmas decorations back into storage.  We had SO MUCH to do.  But I could not let myself down.  I will be hosting my friends, oh yes I will!

I tried my best not to panic, but I kind of did.  I had a ton of errands to run on Saturday (I got some great deals while out shopping!), so I did all of that and came home to get cleaning.  We picked up, put away and laundered everything we could find, then tried to relax a little in the evening.  All I could think of was the house being unacceptable to guests.  We had a long agenda for what we needed to get done on Sunday before our friends arrived.

On Sunday, Hubs and I got up at a reasonable hour, and dragged allllll of our Christmas boxes and boxes of my old clothes to our storage unit (when you live in a condo in Florida, you often have an offsite storage unit for seasonal stuff).  Three trips and two hours later, we had drove to one of Florida's newest Wawa's for hoagies (which were delish, btw), then came home to scrub the house clean.  It was a lot of vacuuming, dusting, bed-making, bathroom-scouring and even more laundry.  We were pooped!  Then Christian called to tell us that he and his girlfriend got into a car accident 30 miles north of Jacksonville, and their car was totaled. UGH. They planned to stay overnight, rent a car the next day and drive to Tampa on Monday to see us. We had one more day. (Cue the Hallelujah chorus.)

On Monday, we worked on putting the finishing touches on the house and taking care of some last minute errands (buying snacks, beer and breakfast food, of course).  Christian and Charlsie finally arrived at 5:30 pm and were greeted by a clean house and very excited Schnauzer.  Thank goodness Bella was on her best behavior!

I had my Junior Women's Club new member meeting on Monday night, so Hubs took our pals out to a local restaurant with live music for drinks and dinner.  After my meeting, I finally joined them and could enjoy myself.  For once that weekend, I wasn't cleaning or worrying about cleaning.  All was good.  At the restaurant, I ordered the spiciest buffalo chicken wrap of my life (wouldn't do that again) and thanked my lucky stars that I had a big Woodchuck cider to wash it down.  My lips were on fire for the rest of the night!!

We came back to our place, had a round of beers and finally called it a night.  They left this morning to head back to Jacksonville to fill out paperwork for their totaled car and to find a mode of transportation back to Delaware.  It was AWESOME to see them and to get my house so spotless in a short period of time, but it was exhausting!!

My inner hostess was proud of herself (and her Hubby) for getting so much done in short span of time.  My husband even cleaned a toilet.  (You could have knocked me over with a feather!)  I love being so productive, even if I'm spent by the end of it.  It was not the weekend we anticipated having, but it was pretty great in a lot of ways.  We got to see good friends and have some hearty laughs.  Also, my husband broke out in Movie Tourette's (endless recitation of movie quotes) with Christian, which is always amusing.  Think marginal Walken and Family Guy impressions, and you've got my whole evening in a nutshell.

I hope you ladies had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!

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