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5 Things I Hate About House Hunters

Hello, I'm Kari, and I'm a home show addict. 

I have a problem.  I love watching home buying, home make-over and home DIY shows.  I could watch these shows any time of the day or night, and it drives my husband insane!  He can watch them for awhile, then he has to get up and find something else to do before he goes nuts.  I don't mean to torture the guy with these shows, but I love them!!  I have wild fantasies about making over my house someday, one room at a time.  Yes, that's the kind of thing I fantasize about.

Some of my favorite home design and buying shows are House Hunters, Property Brothers, Love It or List It, Holmes on Homes,  Holmes Inspection and Kitchen/House/Bath Crashers.  Basically, lots of HGTV and DIY Network.  I absolutely love these shows, but some of the people on these shows irritate me.  They can be so unrealistic! 

The one shows that I love to hate is House Hunters.  I've been a loyal viewer for 10 years, and I keep seeing the same things over and over again on the show.  It's fun to watch, but predictable by now, mostly because the people are so much alike.  Oh, you want a big, open concept house with state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms for $150k?  Yeah, have fun with that.   I love it, but I always end up having the same beefs with the show. 

Here are the top five things I hate about House Hunters.

1.  People act like they couldn't possibly live in a house without granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.
How many times have I heard this???  There are these couples, most of them very young, who are digusted by the thought of not having stainless steel and granite.  Like, they won't even live in the house for one day until the kitchen gets renovated.  My God, spoiled much??  I have NEVER lived in a home with granite or stainless steel, and I still have a sanitary kitchen that churns out amazing meals.  It's not that bad.  Sure, if I had my druthers, I would have a top-of-the-line kitchen with all of the modern bells and whistles, but sometimes your starter house doesn't have those things.  People need to be more open-minded, especially when they're not playing with a big budget.

Actually, you know what would be fun?  To have a drinking game, where you drink every time someone says "open concept", "granite countertops" or "stainless steel appliances".  I'd be wasted in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

2.  People renovate their houses extensively before they move in.
Some people have enough money to renovate homes before they move in, but a lot of people don't have enough money saved to do that.  If they did, they'd probably just buy a house that was already done rather than spending the money to fix everything immeditely.  Most peoples' homes are works in process, where they are lived in and worked on simultaneously. 

I always want to know where these people and their magical money trees live so I can come on fruit-picking expedition.  I would pluck the money from those trees so fast your head would spin!  All to renovate my new house, of course.

3.  People act like the perfect house exists.
It does not.  I can assure you of that fact.  What's perfect for one family is completely terrible for another, and the search for the perfect house is like searching for the Fountain of Youth.  Don't hold your breath or anything.  The people on House Hunters usually hit this stark reality when nothing they like is in their price range.

4.  People get hung up on things that can be easily changed.
They talk excessively about ugly paint colors, stained carpet, and tattered window treatments.  Guess what?  All of that can be changed with a little bit of elbow grease and a few dollars out of the wallet.  Sure, some of it is just for show, since they need to amp up the factors they dislike about a house, but the reality is that people do this in real life too.  Seriously though, does it matter if the walls are painted canary yellow or beige?  You're just going to come in and change the paint color to slate gray anyway.  It's not worth stressing over.

5.  It's a sham.
Yep, the show is fake.  There, I said it.  My sister was being courted to be on this show about a year ago, and the producers won't even talk to you until you've chosen a property and it's under contract.  The producers then film the property and two other random properties and make it look like you're really choosing between them.  Knowing this has ruined the show for my mom, who refuses to watch it anymore.  Even knowing that the show is fake, I still watch it and rag on it.  Guessing which property the person/couple will choose is still a lot of fun, considering that the people spend lots of time bad-mouthing all of them.

In all honesy, I will continue to enjoy watching these shows.  They're great, easy entertainment and reminds me of what not to do when I look for my next house.  And the rest of the home renovation shows will also be high on my list of must-watches, just for laughs and the chance to guess what people will complain about next.  Do these shows show make for great tv?  Yes.  Do they inspire me to transform my home?  Yes.  So I guess their mission has been accomplished. 

Do you ever watch these shows?  Do you have a favorite?  Does anything bug you about them??


Betty said...

I LOVE that you wrote about these shows! We are obsessed with them too...and the stuff that is driving you crazy drives us crazy too (especially when people don't even know what granite is...but are disappointed when they find out it's not!). My sister was actually on House Hunters International when her friends were "looking" for a house in Germany...and it is totally fake (as her friends were already living in their home when the show was created).

Lauren Goodwin said...

I spend a good amount of my weekends watching HGTV and have the same frustration with the people on property brothers. I can't stand house hunter anymore.

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