Friday, March 22, 2013

Hockey Night!

My husband and I have different hobbies and interests, and part of the reason we get along so well is because we let each other enjoy the things we love.  One thing that my hubby is WAYYY passionate about is hockey.  Specifically, Philadelphia Flyers hockey.  I mean, this man bleeds orange and black, and this insane obsession is one of the reasons why orange was one of our wedding colors.

The Flyers came to town to play the Tampa Bay Lightning this week, and of course we were there, sporting our flying P's and orange.  We had a blast, even though the Flyers lost the game, 4-2.   Sadly, there no gruesome hockey fights to speak of, but the game was entertaining nonetheless.

Here are a couple of pictures from the game...

The pictures of Hubs and I turned out blurry, so my apologies for not showing you our stylish ensembles.  I'm sure you were dying to see that.

Truthfully, I cheer for the Lightning whenever they're not playing the Detroit Red Wings (my hometown team) and the Flyers, so hopefully we'll make it to another game or two this season.  Hubs has difficulty cheering for anyone other than the Flyers, so he can be a bit of a stick in the mud, but maybe if I bribe him with promises of soft pretzels and beer I can get him to feign interest in our local team.

Between hockey and March Madness, my cup runneth over with awesome sports.  Soon baseball season will be here and those good times will begin.  We may even go crazy and go to a baseball spring training game!

Do you like sports?
What is your favorite sport and team?

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