Monday, April 8, 2013

A Pink, Gray and White Baby Shower

I get some notable traits from my family members.  From my Dad and Grandma, I get my humor and silliness.  From my Grandpa I get my determination and resolve.  From my Mom, I get my chin and love of hosting people.  I love throwing parties and having friends over to our house, and I would definitely host more if we didn't live in such cozy accommodations.  I can't say that I throw the best, most Pinterest-worthy parties because let's face it, I'm no Martha Stewart, but I enjoy doing it and always try to step up my game.

This past weekend, I was thrilled to host my twin sister Kelly's baby shower.  She is due on June 25th, so she's definitely showing now and I wanted to have her shower before some of our family goes back to Michigan for the summer.

I was really happy with how everything turned out, and Kelly was happy too (and she's the most important person to please, being the guest of honor).  We chose to do a pink, gray and white theme and found some cute details using elephants.  It was not an extravagant shower, but it was nice and comfortable, and the perfect setting for an enjoyable afternoon.  I decorated the tables using fresh hydrangeas and roses in mason jars (cheaper than vases!), balloons and a custom gingham runner sewn by the mommy-to-be.

Of course you want to see pictures, don't you?  I expect nothing less from all of you.  Here are a sampling of shower pictures...

My mom, Kelly and Me (in the chevron dress!)

Saying Hello to Baby Moody

Cookie Mix Favors

Our humongous table

The diaper cake I made that turned out SO cute

My sister was thrilled with the Kate Spade diaper bag I bought her

Food is an absolutely critical element of any party, am I right?

Up close and personal with the cookie mix favor

Notice above that I have a total inability to tie a perfect bow.  My crooked bows are as good as it's going to get, girls.

I got the idea for the cookie mix favors from Bakarella, but had to alter the recipe a bit to get all of the ingredients in the jar.  I recommend using fewer M&Ms and chocolate chips and skipping the nuts to make it all fit, and even then, I practically had to use a shoe horn to get it all in.  Tight fit.  I made the tags, which have the cooking instructions on the back, by printing on card stock and cutting the scallop shapes out using a scrapbooking punch.  I decorated the tags using some "It's a girl" stickers I found at Hobby Lobby and attached them using some baby pink ribbon.

The diaper cake turned out FAR cuter than I anticipated, but it was really hard for a not-so-crafty gal like myself to put together.  I made Hubs help me, and he acted like he was being tortured!  To create it, I roughly followed some online tutorials but went my own way with the decorations.  I was bound and determined to pack in lots of onesies, burp cloths and sleepers, in addition to pacifiers, shampoo and toys.  To be honest, I was really stressed about building this thing and worried that it was going to fall apart in transport, particularly the top layer, which was a bit tippy.  I used the sunglasses and spoons to add extra support to that layer.  Thankfully the diaper cake made my sister squeal with delight (not kidding) and it stayed together throughout the party.  I even got compliments and a high five from my brother-in-law, who is not easily impressed.  Hallelujah!

This is just one more step in awaiting my niece's arrival.  I truly can't wait to meet her and become her favorite aunt!  I'm also so glad that Kelly appreciated all of the elements and time spent on the shower, as I knew she would.  

This baby shower has tickled my party planning bone, and now I have to start planning my next party.  Maybe a Cinco de Mayo shindig should be planned next... what do you think??


Lauren said...

You did such an awesome job! The diaper cake came out so cute & décor oh and love your dress! :-)

Meghan said...

You and your sister are so cute! I love the cookie jars - what a fun idea!

Nichole said...

Looks great!! I love gray against anything!

Anonymous said...

Love those cookie jars! Adorable!

Heather (My Little HEA) said...

Great party! Love the KS Diaper bag and that cookie mix jar is super adorable! Perfect theme/colors for a baby shower!

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