Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's OK

It's Thursday, it's GORGEOUS outside and I'm feeling pretty darn happy today, so why not link up for It's OK Thursday with Amber and Neely??  I mean, there are no better reasons than that.

It's OK...

That I put off working out in favor of meeting up with friends for Thai food

To be both excited and scared sh*tless about my big job interview tomorrow

To think my dog is the cutest creature that ever walked God's green Earth

 To continually forget to wash my car, even though it's totally filthy

To be a tad bit obsessed with Yoplait Simplait yogurt

To be childless after 30

To fear moths

To shed big, pathetic tears at losing my Tory Burch aviator sunglasses

That I love balancing my checkbook (and that I still use a checkbook)

That the past few weeks have been far more awesome than I ever anticipated

To love the way my husband talks with his hands like a true Italian

For friends to be brutally honest, even when it stings a little

To love that Jimmy Fallon (one of my TV crushes) will be moving to 11:30 pm next year

To not like the mean girls in blogland and wish everyone would just be nice to each other (it's just not that hard, ladies!)

Ahhh, that feels better.  I just needed to get that out.  Love to you all and sending you wishes for a happy Friday ahead!

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Heather (My Little HEA) said...

I don't think I've use a checkbook since I realized I could a. pay with my card or cash for almost anything and b. could check my account online and it messed with my checkbook calculations. I'm excited Jimmy is moving to an earlier slot. Love him, but not that late. I would have cried big fat tears too...most I ever spent on sunglasses because I lose them so often is $50 but I really wanted some Juicy ones recently. #mustresist

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