Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pedicure Predicaments and Demanding More

As a girl, not much feels better than having a fresh manicure or pedicure on your nails, and it's such a soothing experience to have someone pamper you for an hour or so.  I like to treat myself to pedicures every few weeks, but I don't often spend the money on professional manicures.  While I love the end result, I have had WAY too many horrible manicurists in the past and my manicures rarely last beyond a few days.  Unless, that is, I go with shellac, and then you know the saying... Once you shellac, you never go back!

I had a pedicure the other day with my sister and I had a very, um... questionable, pedicure experience.  It started as the pedicurist was filling the tub with water.  She didn't put in any bath salts, but when the tub was about halfway full, she sprayed what appeared to be a bottle of 409-style bathroom cleaner into the water.  I guess she wanted to disinfect... the water?  And then she expected me to put my feet in it.  In my never-ending quest to be seen as an amenable, non-bitchy client, I kept my mouth shut and lowered my feet into the water.  Ew.

When my feet came out of the water, the pedicurist proceeded to rough-house my feet.  I think she was angry at them, but I have no idea why.  I just know that she was extremely aggressive with the tools and me saying "ouch" didn't slow her down one iota.  She also did something that has never been done to me in all of my years getting pedis:  she trimmed my nails with the cuticle nippers instead of nail clippers.  Weird.

When my pedicurist used the pumice on my feet, she barely scrubbed them and didn't use the ever-popular cheese grater or razor to address my serious callous issue.  Hmph.  Again, I didn't say anything because I didn't want to act like too much of a bitch.  Ugh.  I really have to stop that.  After she got done rinsing her pumice, she put it in a cup in her basket of tools and put my feet back in the water.  A few minutes later, she took the pumice out of the cup and emptied the cup (which was full of water that the tools had been soaking in) into the tub, where my feet were.  I gasped and was so grossed out, but still, I remained quiet.  The pedicurist then applied my polish unevenly, and my toes hurt for a couple of hours afterward because of her taking her personal issues out on my tootsies.  Thanks a bunch, lady.

The whole situation was just bad.  But you know what?  I paid for this pedicure, and even tipped my pedicurist.  It wasn't a GOOD tip, but it was a tip nonetheless.  I should have refused to pay, or at least asked to talk to a manager about what I had experienced, but again, I didn't want to be a bitch.  I just decided that I will never go back to that nail salon and neither will my sister.  I really need to address these issues in the least offensive way possible so I don't continue to have these problems with being unhappy but saying nothing.  I should demand better service!

I've already given up on other nail shops due to overly-rough pedicurists and manicurists who don't know how to file nails evenly, and I'm slowly knocking nail shops off my list of places nearby.  If anyone in the Tampa Bay area has any recommendations for nail salons, please let me know!

Awful nail experiences are a travesty.  Women pay to get these services done to treat themselves, and they should get a thorough, technically sound service every time.  But, these are humans doing the services and there are bound to be mistakes, but still, they should be few and far between.  I will continue to hunt for an awesome nail service because I know that one must exist!  Helllloooooo nail shops?  I'm coming for youuuu!!


Lilia Valle said...

I think there's nothing wrong if you correct the pedicurist in a nicer tone. It's her job to take care of our finger toes and nails. If you're not getting comfortable any longer, you can complain with a fine attitude. But then, it's still an experience. The best thing you can do is find another who can handle your mani-pedi very well.

Stela Dimitrov said...

Don't lose faith on good nail salon, Kari! There are good ones out there that exists. You've deal with the pedicurist too decently; I think it's fine to nicely voice out your opinion and suggestion if you're getting uncomfortable with her service. Some just couldn't get on a simple cue. I wish you found a good salon to get your nails done.

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