Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend of Fresh Air

Some weekends are very utilitarian and are just about getting things done.  Chores, errands, home maintenance, it just never seems to end.  We need weekends like this, particularly when we work all week, but they are never quite as rejuvenating as we need.  Am I right?  After the past couple of weeks, I really needed a FUN weekend, one that was about enjoying time with my friends and husband and not worrying about the minutiae that needed to be done.

This past weekend was just what the doctor ordered for me.  Halle-freaking-lujah.  It was like a breath of fresh air.

On Saturday night, the club that I joined earlier this year held it's annual pub crawl, Glow for Education.  We wore colorful neon glow necklaces and bracelets and followed each other around from bar to bar, getting rowdy and waaaayyyyy too much fun.  It was the perfect night.

Here are a few pictures from the night...


I can't believe I drank that PBR
Double Fisting

Hubby-Wubby and I... awwww....

At our Chinese auction, I won VIP tickets to a local concert venue and a restaurant gift card, so I think I did pretty well!  Hubs and I definitely wanted those concert tickets since we LOVE live music.

After the pub crawl, we stopped at Taco Bell (of course) and I vaguely remember eating a Cool Ranch Doritos taco or two.  It was a fun night, one that helped me to laugh a lot and remember what really counts in life.  I'm so blessed to have my friends and family.

On Easter Sunday, Hubs and I exchanged Easter baskets.  I gave him an all Reese's basket, while he made me this little gem...

It was lots of delicious Easter candy and bottles of Angry Orchard Elderflower and Abita Strawberry Harvest beer!  My man knows me SO well!  It was the perfect little bucket of love.

For brunch, Hubs and I met our friends Jess and Steve at Hula Bay on the beach.  I felt remarkably good (which was nothing short of a miracle) and it was lovely seeing them on such a beautiful day.  I felt so good that I drank a cocktail that was served in a bucket, which tasted mostly like fruit juice.  Yums.

Beverage of Choice, in a bucket of course

Brunch Buddies

Sunday afternoon was comprised of Hubs and I watching tons March Madness basketball, including that God-awful leg injury by Louisville's Kevin Ware.  I said some prayers for that guy on Sunday because that was so scary!  

On Sunday night, Hubs and I watched the Walking Dead season finale, and I was bummed about how the season ended!  The producers said we'd get closure to the Woodbury storyline, a while we sort-of did, we didn't get closure on what happened to the Governor.  Ugh.  They've kept me hanging on for another season!  In honor of the season finale, I decided to turn myself into Walker Kari using the Dead Yourself app.  Here you go, for a good laugh...

That's some scary shizz.  

It was a fab weekend and I wish I could do it all over again!  

Next weekend, friends... Next weekend.

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Krystal said...

Angry Orchard Elderberry!? MUST FIND. I have tried Magic Hat Elderberry but not that one!

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