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May Birchbox vs. Ipsy

Distractions.  They can be a bitch.  Sometimes I fully intend to do something, I really do.  I'm committed.  I'm focused.  I'm determined.  Then a new, shiny thing comes along and BAM, I get sidetracked.  I usually end up coming back to my initial task, but only after the shiny thing makes an exit.  It drives my husband crazy because I end up with a house full of unfinished projects.  Sorry, Hubs.

My latest bout with this involves Birchbox and Ipsy.  I fully intended on canceling those subscriptions since I wanted to narrow down my monthly expenditures, but I kept forgetting.  (Side note:  I swear I cancelled my Ipsy subscription, but I got charged and got my bag this month, so apparently I didn't.  Oops.)  My mind was on my new job, buying a house, traveling to see my sister and my parents, and all sorts of other important things.  I would always remember my thought about canceling those subscriptions while I was driving in my car or in a meeting at work, or some other place that didn't allow me to hop on a computer immediately to carry through on my commitment.  And, as I'm sure you guessed, I forgot all about this by the time I was in a position to actually do something about it.

I got my Birchbox and Ipsy bag last week, and I'm going to share them with you.  I just can't help myself.  This was an important month for both Ipsy and Birchbox for different reasons, so I'm happy to discuss.

Let's start with Birchbox...

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle
Whish Shave Cream in Blueberry
Amika Oil Treatment
Amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask
Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream
Isaac Mizrahi Eau de Parfum

This was a pretty decent box, but it didn't knock my socks off.  What I liked was getting 6 samples, proving that Birchbox isn't as stingy as they've seemed with past boxes.  Thanks for stepping it up, Birchbox!

I am glad to finally try the Beauty Protector spray, which supposedly acts like a leave-in conditioning spray that also detangles hair.  I don't need the detangling properties, but it smells nice.  And really, if it smells nice, I'll use it 'til the cows come home, regardless of whether it really improves my hair.  The only bad thing was that I had to pump the nozzle about 100 times before any product came out, nearly spraining my delicate, little finger.

The Amika hair products are alright.  I've gotten hair care products in several of my past boxes, but hey, I'm willing to give more a try.  I loved the Macadamia products that I discovered in a previous box, so maybe these will be even better.

The Whish shave cream is another product I've seen in other peoples'  boxes that I always wanted to try.  I'm a fan of moisturizing shave creams, which are far superior to those foaming gels that I always used to use.  The Whish shave cream has to beat out my beloved Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Shave the Day cream in order to get a permanent place in my shower.  The Whish has a blueberry delightful scent, so perhaps it will get the edge.

I haven't yet tried the Supergoop CC cream, but all of the reviews I've read are stellar.  People say that it's far better than any BB cream or comparable CC cream on the market, and completely transforms your face.  You'd think this stuff cures cancer by the way people are talking about it.  We'll see about that.

Finally, a fragrance sample.  I don't have much of an opinion on the Fabulous perfume.  It smells oooookay, but I wouldn't buy it or wear it on a regular basis.

Overall, I received a bunch of products that have awesome reviews, so I'm a happy camper.  OH!!!  And I got one of the FREE Nuance Salma Hayek boxes filled with products from her new line at CVS.  Here's the box...

This box was just a bonus available to select members, so I'm thrilled to get it.  I've seen the Nuance products at CVS and always wondered what they were like.  Now I get to try them for free!

...On to Ipsy!

Mirabella Sheer Colors Lipstick in Pixie
Zoya Nail Polish in Jacqueline
Yaby Concealer in Buff
Juice Beauty Lip Gloss in Fig
St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion

Even though I swear that I cancelled this subscription last month, I'm kind of glad that I got this bag.  This is the first month that Ipsy has given different bags to different subscribers, supposedly based on your beauty quiz results.  I love this idea.  Clearly this has not been perfected by Ipsy, though, because I got two products that I said I don't use on my quiz.  Hmph.  Those items are the St. Tropez bronzing lotion and the Mirabella lipstick, in a shade the company calls 'sheer coral'.  My beef with the lipstick is that it's orange.  Not coral, but traffic cone orange.  Barf.  Orange cosmetics don't look good on me, no matter how you spin it.  

Even though two items were duds, I really like the Zoya polish, which is a very, very pale yellow, and the Juice Beauty lip gloss, which is pretty neutral.  Both products fit my style well and will get a lot of wear.  The Yaby concealer isn't bad, but it's a hair dark for skin  tone.

After reviewing the threads about this month's bags on MakeupTalk.com, I was disappointed that I didn't get several products that others received.  While I like that Ipsy is "customizing" bags, it leaves open the possibility for bag jealousy.  Also, I didn't need two lip products in the same bag.  It was overkill, and there were other products they could have given me to diversify the bag.  Overall, this bag was decent, but not a home run.

After comparing both Birchbox and Ipsy this month, I can say that Birchbox has emerged victorious!  While  both boxes had their issues, I was just happier with the selection of items that Birchbox sent.  There are more products that I've been wanting to try, and honestly, it was less disappointing than the Ipsy bag.  Hopefully Ipsy does a better job of matching bags to quiz results in the future.

Do you get either of these subscriptions?
What did you think of yours this month?

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The Cavallaro's said...

I love this post! I have been debating on whether to get a subscription to one (or both) of these for over a year now and have yet to take the plunge for either or. I always hear mixed results on both, which hasn't helped me to decide... Which did/do you prefer?

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