Thursday, May 2, 2013

Outlet Mall Haul

Hiya ladies!!  Yesterday, I mentioned that my new job has given me a great excuse to go shopping.  It's true.  Not that I really needed much of an excuse to shop, but I like having some kind of reason nonetheless.  It just makes me feel so much less guilty!  And my husband is tired of me shopping just because I'm bored.

On my recent trip to the outlet mall for new work clothes and accessories, I made some buys that I just have to share.  While not super flashy, they're staples that will last me awhile and they're cute to boot.

My first purchase was from Off 5th (the Saks outlet), and I scored these black Coach loafers, which are perfect for my conservative work wardrobe.  Not only are they cute, but they're extremely comfy and go with pretty much everything.  Love.

My next purchases were from the Kate Spade Outlet, which is a must-visit store on any outlet shopping trip. I have gotten some great handbags from those stores over the years, and it's just as reliable as buying the items from the online sample sales or the regular KS retail stores and website.  I ALWAYS want something, without fail.  The day I was visiting the outlet, the whole store was 40% off, so I took some liberties and bought these babies...

Stud earrings and a long necklace

(Pardon my mess in the background)

The jewelry was awesome because it's silver, and KS doesn't really do a lot of silver jewelry these days.  I also love the polka dot tote bag, which perfect for hauling folders, my lunch, cell phone accessories, and my umbrella too and from the office.  I've used it every day and it's proving to be a fabulous investment.

So those were my favorite work related outlet purchases!  Lots of black and silver, but those are perfect when you work in a more conservative workplace.  I did also buy some work clothes on that shopping trip, but those are pretty boring by comparison.  You get to see the good stuff.

Have you made any special purchases lately?  
What are your favorite outlet stores?


Heather (My Little HEA) said...

Love everything! The Spade necklace in silver...WANT! Such a good trip :)

Nichole said...

Buy me things! LOL, very cute finds.

Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness! Those are all so cute! You have awesome taste!

Jason Knight said...

That is really cool, my Wife loves the outlet malls, here in San Diego. It has been a wile since I last tool her through one, I should take her again.

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