Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who Needed A Long Weekend? ME, ME, ME!!

Memorial Day weekend is always a landmark holiday weekend for me.  Usually by the time it rolls around, I have been working for a few months without a break and getting three full days off, and sometimes a fourth if I choose to use an extra vacation day, helps to rejuvenate me.

This year was no different.  Hubs made this a four-day weekend for himself, but I worked on Friday because I don't have much vacation time built up yet.  I did use the vacation day I accrued this pay period to take Monday off, though.  Unfortunately, healthcare jobs don't get paid holidays, so my office was open today and I had to use a vacation day to miss it.  That's okay, though, because Hubs and I had a great weekend of rest and relaxation together.

Hubs and I decided to go visit my parents for the weekend.  We love visiting them because it feels like we're on vacation.  They live in a golf course community, have a pool and always take us to the beach when we visit, so we can't get enough.

Before we left, though, we went on a date night on Friday night.  When I got home, Hubs had beautiful flowers waiting for me.  I don't care how long I'm with Hubs, getting flowers from him never gets old.

Along with the flowers came some cookies and raspberry framboise, which I happily sipped while changing out of my work clothes.  Our date night began when we went out for Chinese food, then went to see The Hangover Part III.  It was opening night for the movie and the theater was jam packed with people, so that meant I had to share my armrest in the theater with the odd guy next to me.  Call me selfish, but I really need the whole armrest to myself.  I hate sharing, and this includes movie theaters, subways, airplanes and doctor's offices.  Anyway, despite the armrest incident, we had a blast that night and it started our holiday weekend out on the right foot.

On Saturday, we realized that our condo was really warm when we woke up and were getting ready to leave for my parents' house.  Our air conditioning was set at 70 degrees (Hubs like it frigid when we sleep), but the inside temp was a balmy 77.  We knew we had a problem on our hands, but we couldn't do anything about it since we were leaving town.  We just prayed that it wasn't 100 degrees in the house when we came home on Monday.

We got to my parents' house in time for lunch, then we hopped into the pool for an afternoon swim.  I ended up getting sunburned, but that's par for the course with my pasty skin.  My mom grilled steaks for dinner, and both Hubs and I were in 7th heaven.  We aren't allowed to have grills in my condo complex, so anytime we can get grilled food, we take it.  My mom is also great on the grill, so our food it always done perfectly.

On Sunday, we had a really great day.  My mom made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then my mom and I did what we do best: we went shopping.  I managed to finish our shopping trip spending only $35, so it was successful and didn't cost me an arm and a leg.  Woot!  We came home and did a little more swimming, and my sunburn got worse, despite sunscreen.  I really wish I had gotten my mom's olive skin versus my dad's pasty, pale skin!  In the evening, we went out to the beach and had dinner at our favorite beach restaurant.  Hubs snapped this cute picture of us while we were enjoying the sunset.

Check those tan lines!  Yikes.  I really enjoyed our time at the beach because I got a delish margarita and super yum-o food.  We also walked out on the pier, and enjoyed the clouded sunset a little longer.

After we got home, we went night swimming!  The pool was a little bit cold for me, so I wound up getting out after about 30 minutes.  Men are warm-blooded creatures, which explains why they were in the pool for over an hour.  The cool water didn't bother them at all, but I was shivering, with my teeth chattering, when I got out of the water!

On Monday, Hubs and I headed home in the morning because the air conditioner repair guy was coming at Noon.  We high-tailed it home, and the repair guy showed up about 30 minutes later.  The repair man was very friendly, but a total chatterbox, so his visit lasted way longer than it should have.  After he left, we ran errands and went to dinner at a tiny little restaurant across the street from our place.  We finally got home and relaxed in the evening, just in time to watch The Voice.  Great, great weekend!

I can't believe this long, glorious weekend is over.  Tear.  We're back to work on Tuesday, and now we get to look forward to our next weekend trip in June when my sister has her baby.  I'm just glad Hubs and I had a nice, lengthy, restful weekend.

I hope

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