Monday, June 10, 2013

A Ceremonial Weekend

It's unbelievable that Monday is here already.  I feel like I was just welcoming the weekend on Friday night with a cold one in my hand.  Gah.  Anyway, this hasn't been a bad Monday, just a busy one with a lot of brainpower exerted.

Thinking back, this was a pretty great weekend.  I got to spend lots of quality time with Hubs, we ate some delish sushi on Friday night, and on Saturday we hit one of my favorite restaurants for lunch.

On Saturday night, I dragged Hubs to my Tampa Junior Women's Club's new member induction banquet.  I had a bit of a crisis trying to decide what to wear.  I've never been to something like this, and my biggest fear was showing up either way under-dressed or foolishly over-dressed.  I opted for something in the middle, along the lines of what I'd typically wear to work, but with dressier accessories.  As it turns out, I was a tad under-dressed, but not in a way that made me stand out like a sore thumb.  I guess I know what to wear for the banquet next year!  The event was held at Brio, which is delicious and totally not on my diet.  I had no idea they had banquet rooms, but they were very nicely appointed and turned out to be a great size for our group.

The induction ceremony was relatively short and sweet, just the way I like it.  Below is a picture of me (second from right) getting inducted into the club.  I'm not sure what the candles represent, but it was a nice touch with the mood lighting in the room.  While the ambiance was nice, but would have been better suited for a date night with Hubs, rather than a banquet with girlfriends.


The Juniors has been a great organization to be a part of this year.  I've had some wonderful opportunities to volunteer for charitable events and I've met some wonderful friends along the way.  I fell into this because one of my BFFs asked me to go with her to a new member social last Fall, and I ended up joining in a spur-of-the-moment decision.  The membership dues are actually pretty cheap and I figured it would be a good way to get out into the community and meet new people.  Plus, they serve wine at their meetings.  I was easily sold once I found out that little tidbit!  In all honesty, sometimes the best blessings come out of something done on a whim, because I've had so much fun this year!

On Sunday, Hubs and I went to our friends' house for a cookout and pool party.  I opted not to swim, but I did enjoy spending time with all of our closest friends and seeing all of our dogs together.  They're so cute when they're following each other around and playing with each other!  I learned about some new apps for my iPhone from my librarian friend who knows all of the latest technology, so I've been welcomed to the world of Vine and Cinemagram.  They're quite fun tools, once I figured out how to use them!

After we left our friends' house, we got caught in a torrential downpour that forced us off the highway and into taking local road back to our place.  The highway was just too unsafe with all of the standing water and blinding conditions, not to mention all of the lightning around us.  By the time we got home, though, it was back to being sunny with cloud-free skies!  You can always count on a late thunderstorm every day during the Florida summers.

And then the weekend came to a screeching halt.  It up and left without so much as a goodbye kiss or a note saying that it would call me later.  Pshaw.  And suddenly it was Monday, with a focus on work and all that jazz.  I'm already looking forward to next weekend, which is just four short days away and promises to be quite an eventful one.

Have a great week!

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