Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Weekend With The Three F's

Some weekends are experiences focused on quiet times and relaxation, while other weekends are packed with fun activities and favorite people.  Both types have value, depending on your mood and how hectic your life has been lately.  For me, this past weekend was of the fun-and-favorite-people variety, and I was SO glad that it was finally here!  It encompassed my three favorite F's:  Family, Friends and Food.

On Friday night, I went straight from work to Ybor City, where I met my great friend, Jess, for a girl date.  We had dinner at Tampa Bay Brewing Company (what, don't all girlfriends bond over beer?), and followed it up by seeing The Great Gatsby at the nearby movie theater.  We had such a great time, and it was fun catching up without our husbands around.  Our men are awesome, but Jess and I always have a blast when we have one-on-one time.  We already began talking about our next girl date, which will be for the Dave Matthews Band concert in July.  I can't wait!

Two fine honeys in the brewery

Saturday rolled around, and my lovely parents came to town for a visit.  My dad was going to help us patch a hole in the drywall in our utility closet, so he and Hubs busied themselves with that task for a couple of hours while my mom and I chatted.  It's always nice to visit with my family, and Bella was SO excited that her grandma and grandpa were here!

The real fun began in the evening.  Hubs and I invited my parents to Tampa to join us for a fabulous dinner at one of the best restaurants in town, Bern's Steakhouse.  It's truly an amazing dining experience, and I made sure that all of the first-timers got the full treatment:  A delish dinner, a tour of the kitchen and wine cellar, and a visit to the Dessert Room!  We were beyond stuffed by the time we left!  We went home afterward, where I promptly put on my stretchy pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt, and vegged for the rest of the night.  Ahhh.  It was a perfect ending to a perfect evening.

A family affair in the Bern's Dessert Room

On Sunday, my parents came back to our place, where we gave him his Father's Day gift:  A Dri-Fit Nike golf shirt with the Detroit Tigers logo on the front!  He loved it, and plans to wear it when he golfs next week.  After that, we took my dad to his favorite Tampa restaurant, Hula Bay, where we had lunch on the deck overlooking the water.  It was so relaxing, none of us wanted to leave!  It wasn't too hot, there was very little breeze and everything was calm.  

Daddy and I

Our View of the Bay

After lunch, Hubs and my dad finished the drywall patch job, and my parents went home.  Since, the drywall patch was done, I felt that we needed to paint the inside of that closet as soon as possible (like, today), while Hubs disagreed because he didn't feel like painting.  Well, I won this battle, so we headed off to Lowe's to buy paint and supplies.  After we got home, Hubs painted the closet with expert precision.  It looks so fresh and clean in there, and I'm glad we didn't put off the project!

Hubs and I closed out our Sunday night by ordering Chinese take-out and sharing a couple of beers in celebration of a great closet well-painted.

This was a fantastic weekend and I'm glad we finally got some of these tasks (girl date, Bern's, closet job, and Father's Day) checked off our to-do list.  And it never hurts to be doing it alongside such great friends and family.  Hopefully the week coming up is as good to us as this weekend was!


Heather (My Little HEA) said...

I love the TBB! Sounds like a fantastic weekend!!

Nichole said...

Jealous of your Fri girls date! Your weekend looks great.

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