Monday, June 3, 2013

Hockey & Compromises: To Two Great Years!

Hubs is a wonderful, amazing guy and he really doesn't have any hobbies or interests that I can't handle.  His two major loves on God's green Earth (besides Bella and I) are hockey and heavy metal music.  Hockey is his favorite sport, and tends to dominate his life from October to June every year.

This year, we had an abbreviated hockey season due to that pesky lock-out, when spoiled, rich-kid owners and spoiled, rich-kid players couldn't agree on how much money they all were going to make.  Lame.  When the CBA was signed, I knew my 4 month hockey reprieve had just come to an abrupt end.  I was happy about hockey coming back, I really was, but not having my TV set commandeered and placed permanently on the NHL Network for all of those months was pretty awesome.

Since January, I've been what's known in the biz as a 'hockey widow'.  When hockey season started, I knew I could count on losing my husband to an endless barrage of hockey games, hockey blogs and YouTube videos of hockey fights and bad ref calls.  And don't forget about the Twitter, Facebook and various website all touting the latest hockey news.  This jazz always lasts until June, when the hockey gods bestow the Stanley Cup Finals upon us.  After the Stanley Cup is awarded, I get Hubs back, and my TV instantly flips over to HGTV for the remainder of the summer.  Just as it should.

Right now we're in the thick of the playoffs, and this year, Hubs has given up watching some playoff games so that I can watch The Voice, or whatever TV show suits my fancy that night.  I let him watch the hockey games and go to heavy metal concerts with him, and he watches lots of random reality TV shows and goes to Dave Matthews Band shows with me.  It's that kind of give and take, my friends, that has made us reach our two year wedding anniversary tomorrow without any major, blow-out fights or anything.  I've got nothin' but love for this guy and he makes my life easy.

(And, because this is a blog and I want to celebrate blogging, I'd like to thank Hubs for introducing me to a hilarious hockey blog written by two girls who know EVERYTHING about hockey, What's Up Ya Sieve?  It's totally impressive, and their blog features everything female fans would want:  Pictures of cute hockey players, slick humor and a healthy dose of sass.  My favorite weekly post is Foxy Friday, where they feature a hot, young hockey player in his prime.  Yup, they're definitely writing for the ladies!)

And now back to Hubs.  Not to brag about him too much, but he's done a lot for me over the years.  He is fabulous about doing dishes, laundry and taking out the trash, and he takes good care of me.   He still surprises me, brings me flowers and cooks me dinner on occasion, so I really have NO room to complain.  I know that a lot of men wouldn't do these things.  Marriage hasn't been hard for us like it is for some people, but we've had struggles that are inherent to life, like losing loved ones, changing jobs, having financial set-backs.  We've managed to get past those obstacles together, and knowing we're here to support each other has made us, as a unit, stronger.

Tomorrow night, on our anniversary, I'm going to raise a glass to the man who keeps me in clean threads and walks the dog every weekend morning so I can sleep in.  I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

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Lauren said...

Happy anniversary to you both :-)

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