Friday, July 5, 2013

Finding Our First House

Hubs and I decided two weeks ago that we were ready to look for our first house, and I couldn't have been more happy.  I wanted to shout from the rooftops, WE'RE FINALLY DOING IT!!  WE'RE FINALLY GOING TO BUY A HOOOOOUSE!!  I've been ready for this for the past two years, but the timing just never seemed right.  I'm already a homeowner, since I purchased my condo long before Hubs was a glimmer in my eye.  We're saddled with this puppy now, but it's WAY too small for us, let alone kids.  No, I'm not preggers yet, but I want to be.  Soon.  Soooo, that means we need to get our booties in gear to find our first house.  We figure that we'll rent out the condo for awhile and see how that goes.

We started our house hunt by looking at a handful of homes last week, and we left that first house hunting trip feeling a little discouraged.  We just weren't finding the kind of house that we wanted.  Some houses were beat up, others had weird floor plans and others were located in gross neighborhoods.  I couldn't believe that our budget would buy us so little.

That's when Hubs, who is amazing at getting involved, started scouring, and he found another handful of houses in our target areas that our Realtor hadn't shown us. (I have no idea why she didn't show them to us, but I'm trying not to get stupid over it.)  I immediately got on the ball and emailed our Realtor, who scheduled us for some showings earlier this week.  These houses were MUCH closer to the kind of house we are looking for, and we found some neighborhoods that felt like us. Sweet jeebus, finally!

While we found one house that we particularly loved, it was located right off of a very busy road.  It was the 2nd house into the neighborhood, and I just know me.  I'm a worry wart.  I would worry about us having children who will undoubtedly play outside near said busy road, and I'd be filled with paranoia about something terrible happening.  If we could have moved that house down the street by 8 or 10 lots, we would have put an offer on that house.  But alas, it was not to be.  I can change a lot of things about a house, but I can't change it's lot.  On to the next.

We looked at one house that was the undoubtedly the nicest house in its neighborhood.  The other houses in this neighborhood were pretty disgusting, but this house was a gem by comparison.  It was completely remodeled, had a huge lot, and a gorgeous pool.  Heck, the lady of the house turned one of the bedrooms into a huge walk-in closet, complete with a wall of shoes and dressing vanity.  It looked like a boutique rather than someone's closet, and I was so impressed that I snapped a couple of pictures.

I told Hubs that he's lucky that I don't own that many pairs of shoes.  In reality, I'd love a shoe collection like that, but I know Hubs would fight me to the death over taking up that much closet space.

The dressing table was sick.  All of the jewelry was displayed on little racks and in little baskets, kind of like my friend's boutique in Palma Ceia.  There was also another display of necklaces on the opposite wall that I didn't capture.  This chick knows how party.  I can tell that we'd be fast friends.  But alas, I couldn't deal with the level of disrepair of the other houses in that neighborhood, no matter how awesome this house was.  Another thing I can't change about a house:  its neighbors.  Next!

Hubs and I have been dying to see one house, but every time our Realtor requests a showing, the owner turns it down.  Seriously.  They must not really want to sell their house!  I've pretty much given up on that one.

We're officially keeping our Realtor busy, because tomorrow we're going to see another house.  This one has some issues, but it's in a neighborhood we really like and the price is on the low end of our budget.  We also found another house today that's worth a look, so we may see that sometime early next week.  Hopefully more houses will come on the market this month so we have some options.

I'm stoked that we're looking at houses, but it's so stressful!!  I feel like all I do is think about houses.  How many bathrooms does it have?  How about bedrooms?  Does it have a pantry?  Is that an unpermitted enclosed porch on the back?  Yikes, have they really put pink ceramic tile throughout the entire house?  Why don't these people clean their houses before they have a showing?  GAH!  It's enough to drive a person to drink.  I suppose that's why I'm on glass of wine numero dos right now.  Hopefully all of this gets easier!

For those of you who have been house-hunting recently, how did you do it?  
Did you find your house quickly or did you take your time finding just the right one?  
Did you take pictures and notes of every house, or did you rely on memory?


Lauren said...

Good luck house hunting, so exciting! We saw our fair share of homes that were almost perfect but ended up getting one that we know was right for us and in budget so win/win :-)

Heather (My Little HEA) said...

House hunting is always exciting, but can be grueling! I loved having a house for sale because it's always clutter free and clean!! Good luck!

Laurel Berube said...

make a list of what you both "can't live without"
Remember that everything can be repainted.
You'll know that "this is the one" feeling when you get it, if you get it. You might and you might not.

Keep a list of your top 3 and continually use those for comparison. If there's one better, bump it up.

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