Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gratuitous Pet Photos

Most everyone who knows me knows how much I love and adore my dog, Bella.  A.K.A. Piglet.  A.K.A. Stinkerbella.  We've spent the last 12 years together, growing up with each other and making each other infinitely happy.  Life was not always so rosy though.  The first 2 years of Bella's life were hell (for both me and her) because she refused to get house trained and hated being crated while I was at work.  She also liked to chew everything I owned, from my favorite shoes to my high school yearbooks, and even some bed sheets.  Those were some rough years, and there were times when I actually thought about taking her back to the Human Society.  Now, 12 years later, I'm extraordinarily glad that I stuck by her and worked to train her into the sweet, lovable girl that she is today.

Well, she's mostly sweet and lovable.  She gets in these little moods once every few months or so where she becomes bitchy and doesn't want to be touched, loved-on, snuggled, or experience anything remotely affectionate.  She just wants us to walk her and feed her, then leave her alone.  I've learned to just wait out those moods, and within a week or two, she's back to being her adorable little self again.  She's been uber affectionate with Hubs and I over the past few days, so we know for sure that she's out of her funk.  I love her, moodiness or not.

Now for some cute recent pictures of my sassy little gal...

As you can see, one of her favorite places to sit is on the end of our couch, on or near the red throw pillows.  This kiddo loves sitting on blankets and pillows, and she destroyed several sets of throw pillows for the couch due to her intense desire to form them into little nests.  I finally just went to Ikea and bought cheap pillow inserts with machine washable covers.  Now I just need to buy new inserts and throw the covers in the washing machine after she does her handy work to them.  No fuss, no muss.  No more searching for perfect red throw pillows that will only end up getting ruined.

Having Bella as my trusty pooch has been so rewarding.  Sure, there have been trying moments, but the good has definitely outweighed the bad.  Bella will be turning 13 this fall, but has shown very few signs of getting older.  Recently she has started to be more apprehensive about jumping up on tall things (beds, couches, etc.), but she is still quick and lively.

I want Bella to live a long and happy life, so I'll continue to take great care of her and spoil her in the manner to which she has become accustomed.  And great dogs should be spoiled rotten.  I always said that if reincarnation exists, I want to come back as a dog with a great owner.  That's the life.  And Bella definitely has that.

Love her.  Love her so much.


Lauren said...

She's so adorable, love the pics! :-)

Heather (My Little HEA) said...

Awe, she's so adorable! I'm so glad Boomer was easy to house train, but yay for sticking with it and seeing her through to the good years!!

KMoody said...

Awww, Bella is so cuteeeee!!!! I miss her so much! Kisses to Piglet! xxxx

Kelsey said...

ohhh! There isn't much I love more than cute puppy pics!

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