Monday, August 12, 2013

August Popsugar Must Have Box

It's already August, friends.  Can you believe how this year is flying by??  I am continually amazed that it's only a few weeks until football season starts (my favorite time of year!) and 4-1/2 months until Christmas.  It also means that summer will be winding down soon, and I'm totally not ready for that.  I really enjoy summer, aside from the sweltering heat and constant thunderstorms.  I guess I'll bask in the sweaty, summer glow while it's still here.

Anywho, I just got my monthly Popsugar Must Have box!  Wanna check out the goods?  Of course you do.

Gorjana Open Circle Necklace ($65.00)
Bentgo Stackable Lunch Box ($14.99)
Lulah Body Wash in Peony ($11.25)
May Designs Weekly Agenda Notebook ($20.00)
Lunares Apple Bowl ($45.00)
Dermalogica Precleanse and Special Cleansing Gel ($10.00)
Nature Box Granny Smith Dried Apple Slices ($4.00)

Total Value:  $170.24

Not too shabby from a value standpoint, am I right?

In looking at each item more closely, I consider this a very average box.  Some months are obvious home runs and others are total duds, but this one is somewhere in between.  I like a few of the items, while others leave something to be desired.

The deluxe samples of the Dermalogica products are nice, and I've liked the other Dermalogica products I've tried so I'm hopeful that I'll like these, too.  I've actually never tried a precleanse product before, and it just seems like kind of an unnecessary step to me.  We'll see what kind of results this two-step system delivers.

Even though I'm not familiar with the Lulah brand, the shower gel is actually pretty nice.  I think the Peony fragrance smells great, which I expected since I'm a big fan of florals.  There are actually several other fragrances of this shower gel floating around, and I'm dying to try the Magnolia Fig.  I might just have to plunk down the cold, hard cash to try it.

The Bentgo lunch container is okay.  I might use it, but since my normal lunches are Lean Cuisines and yogurt cups, I don't know how much play it's going to get immediately.

We have received yet another Gorjana item, this time a necklace.  My beef here is that the necklace looks very inexpensive in person, and it's SUPER SHORT.  It's practically a choker on me, and my neck is average sized.  I really wish they'd stop sending small Gorjana jewelry and stick to either Gorjana's non-jewelry options (the scarf in a previous box was AWESOME) or pick jewelry from a line that has more reasonable sizing.

The May Designs weekly agenda is one of my favorite items in the box.  I love the design and the pages are really cute.  Who can't use a cute weekly agenda??  I know this girl will never turn one down.

The Nature Box dried apple slices were a nice addition to the box.  I'm always looking for new healthy snacks, and this one was great.  The apple slices are tasty and the size of the bag was impressive.

Finally, the we come to the Apple Bowl.  I had a hard time estimating the price since this item isn't sold separately on the company's website, but similar bowls were selling for around $45.  It's very cute and will make a sweet little fall decoration or a jewelry dish for my dresser.

Overall, a decent box, but not one of my favorites.  I love the value that the Popsugar boxes bring, and I'm already looking forward to the September and October boxes.

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