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Sound Off: Celeb Gossip

Have I ever told you how much I love celebrities and celeb gossip?  Well, I do.  I've always had a fascination with knowing everybody's business, which is (I think) what drew me to the human resources profession.  An extension of that is loving salacious celebrity gossip, and lemme tell ya...I follow this stuff in so many ways and have LOTS of sources for my "news".  Sometimes I feel like the mom in that Mike Myers movie, So I Married an Ax Murderer, who considers her favorite tabloid, New of the World, "real news"... except I can tell when a story is BS and when it's real  (most of the time).  Celeb gossip is silly and useless, I know, but it's good entertainment.  Even my girl-crush, Mindy Kaling, loves celebrity gossip and pop culture in much the same way as I do, and that's why I'm sure we'd be BFF in real life.

Anyway, I'd like to bring up a few burning topics.

First of all, Paul Walker.  R.I.P. Paul.  I'd only seen a couple of his movies, which were decent, and he was great eye-candy over the years.  I also love what a devoted dad he seemed to be to his teenage daughter, and I can tell that he'll be missed by so many people.  But... have you noticed how many people are proclaiming him to be this amazing, Oscar-worthy actor now that he's gone?  I mean, he was a passable actor, but did anyone see Snow Dogs or any of his Fast and Furious movies?  These were not what I'd consider to be Oscar-winning performances.  Fun roles?  Yes.  Did he look scrumptious?  Yep.  He did his job, but he wasn't setting the world on fire with his profound acting skills.  This kind of reminds me of when Michael Jackson died, and tons of people proclaimed him to be a genius and their favorite singer of all time.  And MJ was pretty awesome in the 80's, but he was also sort of an oddball later in life.  When he was alive, people berated him and spoke badly about his money troubles, odd lifestyle, looks and children.  He wasn't respected in life the way that he was been respected in death.  It's human nature to put people on pedestals after they pass away because we feel that the best way to honor them is to remember all of their positive qualities and discuss none of their flaws.  While it's wonderful to honor those who have passed on in a positive way, it's also disingenuous to say that they were so amazing when this was not shared or celebrated during their living years.  Now MJ is an extreme example, but it happens with many celebs who pass away, especially when the passing is tragic.  Paul Walker was a pretty good actor and very attractive to boot, but no one was beating down the movie studios' doors demanding to know when Paul would receive his Oscar or when they'd greenlight a sequel to Snow Dogs.  Anyway, Paul will be missed, and I'm sure we'll see him smiling back at us during his Oscars post-mortem video montage.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying the endless tributes being posted on Facebook, particularly when pictures are posted and stories are shared about his family and philanthropic ways.  He seemed like a good guy.

Next topic:  Miley Cyrus.  Miley is on the fast track to being the subject of an E True Hollywood Story about a seemingly good child actor who strayed into the dark, seedy underworld of Hollywood.  I liked her years ago, especially in the Party in the USA days, but began to get skeptical of her when she started dancing on poles at award shows at 17-ish years old.  Fast forward to today, and she's busy feeding the tabloids with her exploits with drugs, sex and broken engagements.  Her new music is just okay, and I don't think it's the timeless classic that she proclaims it to be.  And her high-thigh leotard costumes that are straight out of an 80's Jane Fonda workout video?  They've gots ta go.  Really, it all looks so desperate, particularly the incident where she lit up a joint on stage in Amsterdam and bragged about her favorite drugs to whoever would listen.  Not impressed.  I am tired of celebrities promoting/celebrating their drug use (I'm talking to you too, Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen), and wish we had more positive role models (a.k.a. Jennifer Lawrence) for our young girls.  When Miley's got this much dysfunction in her life at such a young age, there's bound to be a celebrity sex tape in her future.  I just hope that when Miley's 50 she can look back on this experience and not feel humiliated.

Batter up!  Now it's a two-fer with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  I used to like Kanye's music when he first hit the scene (his early stuff was great and Gold Digger is an anthem), but around the time that he interrupted Taylor Swift on stage at an awards show to proclaim that someone else should have won, I lost respect for the guy.  You don't mess with Ms. Swift!  THEN, he started getting cockier and ruder in the press, and my respect continued to dwindle.  With Kim, I always lacked a little respect for her because of how she became a household name:  From a sex tape with Brandy's little brother.  After watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, I started to like her more and felt like she got a bad rap.  She was cute and seemed sweet, after all.    Then, I found out she was dating Kanye, the super douche.  Ugh.  She swore that he was such a great boyfriend and then I realized that Kanye is one of those guys who's a dick to everyone except his girlfriend and people he wants something from.  To those people, he's a friendly, affable guy who'd do anything of you.  (I know this type because I dated one eons ago.)  Of course he's nice to Kim--she's hot and clearly has a way with men (Evidence: sex tape).  Then they had a baby and named her North... as in North West... because Kanye felt that this name meant "the top" and "over everyone else".  WTF.  Aaaand now I've lost respect for them both for picking a really dumb name and for douchey reasons.  My latest issue with Kanye is that he can't stop running his mouth about what a genius he thinks he is.  It's laughable at this point.  He gets upset with CEOs of major fashion labels won't meet with him to hear his ideas, because he thinks they should all give him the time of day.  Right.  Good luck with that, Kanye.  Most of the world does not agree that you're a genius.  Just stick to rapping, okay?

I'm done for now, but stay tuned for future rantings about celebs.  I love this stuff too much to keep quiet about it.

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