Thursday, April 17, 2014

Date Night: Jersey Boys

Hubs and I have been homebodies lately, since it seems like most of the festivals and events I'd usually go to during this time of year involve drinking or partying.  While I definitely love those things, they're not as fun while pregnant.  So, unless my husband or friends REALLY want to go, we're been skipping those events.  I've been searching for some good, wholesome, sober fun lately, so I jumped at an opportunity offered by our local performing arts center, The Straz Center in Tampa, to attend the opening night of the musical, Jersey Boys.  

I'd heard about the musical from my friends, who loved it.  They're also from Jersey, so... they felt the kinship.  I knew the show was about the formation and career Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  Since I'm a sucker for oldies, this sounded like a fun night's entertainment and a great date night option.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

My husband and I attended the event last Tuesday, and I was happily surprised at what a great production it was.  I love the acoustics of our performing arts center, which make the performers sound wonderful (even if they're a little off that night).  We had great seats to the show, and I found out after we sat down that this is the first musical production my husband has EVER seen outside of a high school theater.  WOW.  I've been to Broadway shows, regional and national touring shows at local performing arts venues, etc., so I guess I never knew that he hasn't had those same types of experiences.  After the show, he told me that he really enjoyed himself and would go to other shows like this.  Woo hoo!

The show itself featured actors portraying the four original members of the Four Seasons, including the star of the group Frankie Valli.  The actor playing Frankie sang wonderfully on some songs and his voice seemed to struggle a bit on others, but overall, he did a great job as Frankie.  The other actors were wonderful too, and the set design was simple but very effective.  

I loved these parts of the show, as well as the sets...

The pictures only tell a small slice of a story, it's really a great show with fun, energetic music that you want to sing along to (if you're like me, that is!).  Check it out here in Tampa or in a city near you!!

Next up:  Getting my husband to see more musicals.  I hear Jesus Chris Superstar is coming soon and starring artists like Michelle Williams (of Destiny's Child fame), JC Chasez (my N'Sync crush), and Brandon Boyd (my Incubus crush), so DEFINITELY need to convince my hubby that it's a must-see.  At least to get this lady some eye candy!

What's your favorite musical?  
Have you seen any great shows lately?

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