Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life Lately

Hey friends, I hope you've all been doing great these days.  

I realized today that I haven't given anyone an update on my life these days.  We must catch up, right?

Well, I'm now 21 weeks pregnant, and feeling...okay.  The second trimester has been a lot better than the first, but getting bigger, having worse heartburn, seeing my feet swell, and having difficulty sleeping have been tough (not exactly my dream come true).  I honestly don't know how anyone can say that they LOVE being pregnant, unless it's because they're focusing on the attention they're getting.  Pregnancy is no picnic, but I know it's all for a great cause.  My baby bump is growing, and it's hard to feel like I'm getting so huge.  Ugh.  Aside from that, my next doctor visits are next week and hopefully they go well.

In other news...  Hubs and I are doing well and busy trying to get things checked off our To Do list.  We made a list of house projects that we want to get done before our baby arrives in August, and let's just say that the list was longer than I initially imagined.  Yikes.  We will be prioritizing the list and trying to wrap up as much as possible between now and the end of July.  It's mostly things like organizing and cleaning out the garage, re-screening the patio, installing a new kitchen sink/faucet, redoing certain parts of our home's landscaping (including mulching and planting new bushes), painting the nursery and a few other things.  Of course we also have to set up the nursery, but that's a fun "nesting" activity for me to do in June.

In other news... Work has been ridiculous for months now, and it feels like even though I have help, I'm not feeling the relief that I need.  I love my job, but there's so much drama going on all the time and people keep throwing more work my way.  I seriously need more hours in the day, and not to have a baby making me so darn tired.  While I may feel frustration right now, I know that things always get better and I'm going to keep working hard until things get easier.

In other news...  Little things have totally been making my day lately.  Example:  I got some dinner at Wendy's the other night on my way to a blogger event, and they had a deal.  You but a Frosty Key Tag for $1 (proceeds go to charity) and you get a free Jr. Frosty ANY TIME you go to Wendy's until the end of 2014.  My little preggo heart leaped up and danced when I saw that!  I also bought one for Hubs.  That's a good wife--keeping her hubby set with Jr. Frosties all year long!

In other news...  I found that my new favorite Bath and Body Works candle, Beach Cabana, has a magical way of transforming my mood from stressed to relaxed.  I seriously want to stockpile these so I'm totally set if they ever discontinue the scent (and they WILL discontinue it someday, they always do) or there's a zombie apocalypse or whatever.

In other news...  My car wouldn't start on Saturday when I went to leave my house for a charity fashion show.  It was towed to the dealership and left there until Monday, when it can be looked at for repairs.  It's supposedly an engine problem, according to OnStar, so I hope it doesn't cost me a bundle to repair.  It's a 4 year old car that I LOVE, so I really hope it's nothing major.  I'm so bummed that I missed the charity fashion show, and I haven't had a car to drive all weekend, which hasn't been so great.  I hope we can get the car issues resolved fast on Monday morning and at least get me in a loaner for a day or two.

In other news... Hubs and I took an afternoon off work to tour daycare centers this past week.  The whole thing seemed like a mind-numbing task, but we had fun with it and agreed (amazingly enough) on the two centers we liked.  We saw one that was INCREDIBLE, like the Ritz-Carlton of daycares, but they wanted $1300/month, which was way, way (wwwwaaaaayyyyy) outside of our price range.  The one we chose was a lot less expensive but still wonderful and close to home.

In other news... April in Florida is seriously the best time of year.  I LOVE IT right now.  The weather is gorgeous, it doesn't rain much and it's not too hot yet.  I just want to be outside all the time, with my Kindle Fire in one hand and a venti Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade in the other.

In other news...  I went to two really fun events for bloggers this week, and posts are coming about both of those events.  I had a great time, and can't wait to share those experiences with you!

In other news... I've been nesting.  I hung up a bunch of the baby's new clothes in her closet and started to organize her blankets and other goodies given to us by friends.  We ordered her furniture, so now we're playing the waiting game until it comes in and we can really start getting her nursery set up.  Tick-tock, I'm getting restless and anxious because I want to get it started!

That's it for me!  Nothing too crazy, nothing too dull.  Juuuuust right.  I hope everything's been great with you all lately!  

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Nichole @ said...

In other news...I love this post, lol. Hope the car is okay!

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