Thursday, May 29, 2014

Life Lately

Hey there, ladies and gents!  I realized tonight that it's been awhile since I caught everyone up as to what I've been up to lately.  As usual, I've had a million things going on and I've run out of time for doing things I really enjoy.  It seems like my life is a tug of war between responsibilities and total exhaustion, which isn't fun or healthy for anyone if it doesn't come to a reasonable end at some point.  Here are some highlights from the last month or so...

Work has been NUTS.  Earlier this year, my boss and I did a "roadshow" of sorts, traveling around to our company's facilities and talking about employee performance management (I'm in HR, after all).  Following those seminars, I was SLAMMED with requests from leaders who wanted my help in managing problematic employees.  Which was great, but there's only one of me to go around... for 1300 employees!  Not good.  Finally, I got some help from a co-worker who was being underutilized and had some employee relations experience.  She's been a godsend and I'm thrilled that we've been getting our business under control together.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, one of my three administrative employees quit and she didn't exactly leave things in a great place.  So, now I'm searching for a temp to fill in while we wait for our CEO to approve the position as a regular hire.  On top of all of that, I've been going into work early and staying late many nights, and I know I'm heading for burn-out if I don't nip this in the bud soon.  Plus, with baby on the way in August, I'll be forced to scale back on the stress in the months to come.  I have no idea how that will happen, but I'm coming up with plans and hope to get everything in place by the end of July.  You know, just in case my little one decides to join us earlier than expected!

I enrolled my hubby in guitar lessons about a month ago, and he LOVES it!!  He's always had guitars around the house, but rarely plays them.  He can play a bit, but is self-taught and really needs someone great to help him be more proficient.  I'm so excited that he's taking this on.  He may never be a famous rock star, but he'll be able to play songs for baby and I, which we'll love!

Traveling is important right now since we won't be getting to do much of it once baby arrives.  We spent a few days in Orlando earlier this month, and a few days in Venice seeing my parents over Memorial Day weekend.  This weekend, I'm headed to Orlando once again, but just for one night.  I have a training meeting on Saturday morning at a resort, and then I'm heading right back home to try to get some things done for the next weekend.  The first weekend in June is my hubby and I's anniversary trip and babymoon, and we're heading to Savannah, GA!  I'm crazy excited and I've always wanted to go there.  We booked our hotel room, but haven't made any dinner reservations or tour reservations yet.  I've gotta get that done this week!

I've been steadily trying to do baby-related things, but there's SO much to do!  I found some viable daycare options, but nothing is locked down yet.  We're on two waitlists, but there are no guarantees.  It's driving me crazy, too, because I'm a planner and hate last minute issues!  I am praying that something works out.  We have other options, we just don't like them as well and hope to avoid using a Plan B, C or D option.  We also need to start looking for a pediatrician and finish decorating the baby's room, which both need to be sorted out in June.  Other things like childbirth classes, newborn care classes, etc. are already booked for June, so we're set there.  I'm sure there are other things, but you get the gist of it.  Lots. O'. Stuff. To. Do.

Being pregnant has been a trip.  I'm currently 27 weeks along, and I'm now noticeably pregnant, not just extra-chubby.  I wear mostly maternity clothes, with a few stretchy non-maternity pieces thrown in for good measure.  Baby has been moving around a lot more lately and she's getting stronger, as evidenced by her swift, hard karate kicks to my bladder and hip bones.  She still doesn't kick hard enough for Hubs to feel her most of the time, though, so I'm hoping he can feel her kicks soon.  I've got all kinds of crazy pregnancy symptoms, too.  My swollen feet resemble bread baking in in my ballet flats... yeah, definitely not cute!  I also have trouble sleeping, have terrible heartburn and all of that other jazz.  I still have about 3 months left to go, but knowing that my baby girl will be here soon makes everything seem strangely... okay.  

Blogging has taken a bit of a backseat, but it's still a big part of my life that will be continuing well into the future.  I see a re-branding, though, and I'm not sure what that might look like yet.  Even though I've fought long and hard, it's not easy to have a blog and not talk about big things like pregnancy, kids, or family when they're significant parts of your life.  I've never wanted to be solely a 'mommy blogger', but if you mention kids or pregnancy at all in this type of forum, it seems inevitable that the 'mommy blogger' label gets stamped on you.  I guess it's time to sort-of embrace that, but I just don't want to fall into trap where those are the ONLY things that get discussed in my neck of the woods.  There are many wonderful things in my life beyond my kiddo-to-be, and I want to touch on all of those things.  Beauty, celebs, home, activities, the community, and more... I look forward to diving right back in!

Weather here in Tampa Bay is already HOT and muggy.  The famous Tampa Bay storms are also starting early this year, so we've had lots of crazy weather to contend with on my drives home over the past few days.  Between the heat, humidity and dampness from storms, I feel like I never stop sweating.  I really need cooler maternity clothes, but I haven't been successful in finding cool clothes that are suitable for work.  As a fix, I've hooked a fan up and it blows directly onto my face, chest and arms all day long while I'm at my desk.  It feels like a little slice of heaven, too!  

That's a quick-ish update on me!  I hope you all are doing great and having a wonderful time heading into summer.  Hugs and squishes to all of you!!

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