Thursday, July 10, 2014

Refocusing the Planner In Me

The life of a crazy-busy, 33-weeks pregnant lady is tough... At times turbulent.... But always an adventure. 

I recently experienced some severe abdominal cramping that really terrified and upset me.  Normally, my non-preggo self would say, "Damn, I won't eat at that sushi place again."  But my preggo self got nervous because I didn't know the cause of my pain. (I haven't had any sushi while pregnant, even though I've had some serious cravings!)  It lasted for a couple of days, and on the second day, it was so bad that it brought this tough girl to tears.  I stayed home from work to rest and rehydrate (the doctor thought I may be dehydrated), but the pain persisted, and by the end of that day, I couldn't sit down comfortably but I couldn't move much while standing either.  I was really worried about what that might mean for baby and I, and if that meant that I was having any problems with my pregnancy.  Thus far, my pregnancy has been very healthy and I've had no issues to speak of. 

I decided to go to the hospital for monitoring, which was a great decision, at least for my peace of mind.  I found out that our baby is doing wonderfully, and my pain and discomfort was likely due to a stomach bug and a non-serious infection.  I learned that I'm not experiencing any kind of pre-term labor, and she's not likely to arrive anytime in the next two weeks.

Relief set in.

Afterward, I reflected on the experience.  While the thought of having a baby born 7 weeks early was scary to me, I was really most worried about her arriving before I had everything ready for her.  I don't have a car seat, stroller, diapers, or other necessities.  My baby shower is this weekend, where I will probably get some essentials, but I need to buy the rest and darn it, I need time for that!  I also don't have her room organized and decorated, which I realize is minor in the grand scheme of things, but I was still upset about it.  I want everything to be just right for her and not done on the fly.

But that's the planner in me.  I was more upset that my prep-work wasn't done than I was knowing that she might arrive before her lungs are fully developed.  Silly, silly, silly.  But the planner reminds me that we have excellent doctors, a great hospital staff and a great support system to take care of her if she's born early, but the planning and preparations are all on me and my hubby.  And we aren't ready.   There's nothing like a swift kick in the butt to get you moving on your to-do list!

Nonetheless, I was reminded of what truly matters.  It's not about having cute décor hung on the walls of the nursery, having just the right Coming Home outfit, or saving up to buy the fancy stroller.  It's about making Baby C gets here in the safest, healthiest way possible.  I also have very little control around when baby decides to arrive, so I have to be prepared in case she makes her way into our family earlier than expected.  As long as I'm staying healthy AND preparing for her arrival simultaneously, things will be good.  I'm confident in that.

So from here on out, I am committed to being focused on preparations for baby without losing sight of how important she and her health are to me.  I need to pack our bags for the hospital, finish decorating the nursery, and stock up on baby essentials.  I also need to drink water like its my job, keep eating healthy and rest whenever possible.  Physically over-doing it in June didn't do me any favors!

Here's to a wonderful (and hopefully productive) next 7 weeks!

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Judy said...

I know you are trying to ease up on your activities and that is good but try to take time out to just be with your husband and do things together that you enjoy. Your time after the baby will be limited! Of course once Baby C arrives it would be great if you can try to have a date night every week or so; just you and your husband out for a bit will do wonders for both of you.
Take care!
PS I sent you an email about your Stella quilt.

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