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Catching Up - Babymoon, Baby Shower & Updates

I realized today that I haven't kept anyone updated on things that have happened this summer.  Not my family, and not my out-of-town friends, and not my readers.  I'm a bad, bad blogger!!  So here's the catch-up post to recap where we've been this summer.

In June, Hubs and I went on a 3-day babymoon to Savannah, GA.  I've wanted to visit Savannah for years, and I felt like the timing couldn't be better.  Hubs was willing to visit somewhere low-key and relaxing, and that's definitely Savannah.

We arrived in Savannah on Friday, and I immediately found a local spa that had an opening for a pedicure.  It was heaven on Earth!!  I was overdue and my feet were swollen.  My pedicurist dumped a ridiculous amount of epsom salts in my footbath and voila!  The swelling went way down.  I knew right then that this weekend was going to be amazing.  Smaller feet and pretty painted nails will make any pregnant girl feel like a million bucks.

We explored the historic district for awhile after that, and spent time in our hotel.  We then went to The Pirate's House for dinner, and I had an unbelievable pecan fried chicken dinner.  I NEVER order fried chicken, but this sounded good at the moment and I'm so glad I went for it.  It was the most delicious chicken I've eaten in years!  And they gave me four pieces of chicken.  I couldn't touch two of the pieces, so Hubs had to help me out.  It was crazy yummy.

After that, we decided to head back to the hotel because the wind picked up, we heard loud thunder and the sky turned dark gray.  We made it back to the hotel just in time for an epic thunderstorm to unleash on the city.

The next day, we took a trolley tour of the city, hopping off at Lady & Sons for some Paula Deen action.  We loved our lunch there and enjoyed shopping in her adjacent store.

At Lady & Sons, try the Key Lime Pie.  Trust me.

We also spent some time visiting the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts, and other sites around Savannah.  There are many cute little squares with statues, benches and artists, which are perfect resting spots during walking tours or for stopping to enjoy your cup of Leopold's ice cream.  I also loved looking at all of the historic Southern homes and imagining the things that city has been in the past 200 years.

In the evening, we had dinner at The Olde Pink House (which was phenomenal) and went on a Ghost Tour, which was quite fun.  After the Ghost Tour, Hubs and I hit up a local brew pub so he could try some new beers awhile I enjoyed a nice little Diet Coke and some garlic fries.  Oh, and the Stanley Cup finals were on, so Hubs got to watch most of the game.

The next day, we caught an amazing brunch at B. Matthews Eatery, and Hubs is STILL talking about how amazing their sausage gravy was.  We headed out of town shortly thereafter, but we can't wait to visit again.  Savannah is really such a great city.

In July, I had my baby shower, which was hosted by my twin sister and my closest girlfriend, Tracy, at a local restaurant.  They did such a terrific job, and I love these girls so much!  They used a pink and navy blue nautical theme, and had not only several easy games, but a craft!  They had my guests make headbands for the baby, which were all SO cute!!  Needless to say, Baby C now has about 40 headbands.  Here are a few pictures from this blessed event...

Tracy, Me and My Sister, Kelly

My sister, my mom and me

Champagne Strawberry Cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes

Favors and Prizes

Time to make headbands - everyone loved this!

I was absolutely spoiled by my friends and family, and I felt fortunate to know just how loved both Baby C and I are by everyone.

I also had a baby shower at work in late July, but no one captured any pictures of it.  I was disappointed, but my coworkers aren't really planners or picture-takers.  Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time!

After my showers were over, Hubs and I got busy getting house projects done so we'd have less to worry about for awhile once baby gets here.  Hubs cleaned out the garage and we donated all kinds of furniture, clothes and random stuff to charity.  I love to purge stuff, don't you??  Also, we touched up paint around the house, replaced all of our smoke detectors, and purchased a new kitchen sink and faucet (which will be installed next week).

General Updates:  My beloved miniature schnauzer, Bella, is not doing so well right now.  She senses that there are big changes coming and she's not handling it well.  She's taken to doing naughty things, like...

  • Chewing up my favorite Thirty-One monogrammed lunch bag while I was at work.  It was empty, and clean.  I have no idea how she got it off the console table in our foyer, but there it was, on the floor and destroyed one day...

  • She's been peeing in the house... while we're home... in front of us.  She hasn't done this since she was a puppy, which was over 12 years ago.  Usually, she whines at us or goes to the door and makes a noise if she wants to go out.  When she's feeling spiteful, she looks at us, then squats to pee, then runs away to one of her dog beds, knowing that she's been bad and she's about to be scolded.
  • She peed on my work laptop bag, which contained a laptop and important work papers, of course.
  • She tore apart a slew of used tissues, some papers and a bag of Cold-eeze lozenges.

Attention-seeking?  Definitely.  Annoying as hell?  OOOHHHHH YEAH.  Needless to say, we've hired a dog trainer, who will be coming to work with us shortly after the baby arrives.  I can't stand the thought of Bella peeing on or chewing apart the baby's things, or further destroying my house when I'll have so many other things to be concerned about.

In the past week, I've felt like baby's arrival is imminent.  I've had some terrible, yet inconsistent, contractions, a water-break scare, and all sorts of other signs, but alas, baby is still inside my tummy.  Hopefully we'll see some progress soon!

That's it for now, friends!  I'll be back soon with further updates!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby C's Nursery Reveal

After months of planning and preparations, Hubs and I finally gathered everything we need for our little girl's arrival.  We had our baby showers (pictures coming soon!) and utilized those ever-valuable registry completion coupons to ensure that we have the essentials ready to go for Baby C's imminent arrival.

The biggest hurdle we've had has been preparing her nursery.  Although we plan to have her sleep in our room for the first 4-6 weeks, having her room completed was one way that I could officially feel "ready".

I had quite a debate in my mind about how to decorate the baby's room.  My first inclination was to check out ideas at and Pinterest.  I saw ideas I LOVED.  The designs had the requisite chevron patterns, monograms and modern furnishings... Friends, they were gorgeous!  I adored the chic color palettes, statement wallpapers and ultra-mod light fixtures.  However, I found myself enamored with designs that didn't really look like they were for children at all, let alone babies.  Anyone, of any age, could have lived in those rooms if you swapped the crib for a queen sized bed and ditched the changing pad.  That's when it dawned on me:  I want my baby's nursery to look like it belongs to a BABY.  I want to decorate with her in mind, not my own grown-up tastes and desires.  I had to push that selfishness and desire for a Pinterest-worthy room aside and focus on my little girl.

So, my focus changed.  I was then looking at bedding and classic nursery items that were cute and pink and all of that jazz.  I began to entertain the thought of "cartoon-y" bedding, which had been off the table before.  That's also when my husband and I talked about incorporating some of the items from my childhood collection of giraffes (which have always been my favorite animal) into the design.  When I went to register, my sister and I found a very cute crib bedding set that used giraffes and jungle animals, but it was still girly and distinctly baby-like.  Hubs liked it too, and the decision was made.  We were going with the girly jungle animals, but trying not to over-play the theme.

We finished decorating and organizing the nursery last week, and besides a few art prints that haven't come in yet, the room is done.  Hallelujah!  There were times when I wondered if it was ever going to be done.

Below, you're getting a peek of our work...

A good friend of mine had also given us a wooden diaper pad tray for the top of the dresser, which I was excited about using.  She painted it a light lime green to match the bedding but contrast with other colors used in the room.  However, the rubber pads she put on the bottom took the finish off of our dining room table, so we decided that we need to find some other pads for the bottom before we dare put it on the new dresser.  Hopefully that will work out down the road.

We also have a monogrammed throw pillow for the arm chair coming soon, so that will be a great extra touch for the room.  I'm very excited to show our daughter around her new room once she arrives.  I'm proud of how the room turned out, and feel like it's very appropriate for both baby and I's tastes.

Now that this is done, we're just putting the finishing touches on the house to prepare for Baby C.  She should be here very soon, we're ready for that whirlwind to begin!

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