Friday, November 21, 2014

Fab Friday Week In Review

Hiya lovelies!  Happy Friday.  TGIF.  Hallelu-yer, it's almost the weekend!  I'm ready for it, and I bet you are too.

This is my first week back to work after my 13-week maternity leave.  I thought it was GLORIOUS being home with Avery and having lots of time to bond, but alas, it was time to go back to the grind.  I went back to work on Monday and found plenty of work waiting for me.  Of course there was drama while I was out, but I should always expect that.  I've never worked for a drama-free employer.  I swear they don't exist.

Here are some stats from my first week back to work:
  • 1168 - Unread emails waiting for me, and that's with an Out of Office message on my account.
  • 5 - Voicemail messages waiting for me, which would have been far worse if they hadn't forwarded my phone to one of my assistants on my first day on leave.
  • 6 - Hugs I received from my bosses and co-workers on my first day back to work.  I only stayed in my office that day and didn't make the rounds, so the rest of the week was filled with more.  I lost count on those.  I'm just fortunate that everyone was so excited to have me back!
  • 15 - Files delivered to me on Day 1 by my coworker who took over the bulk of my work while I was gone saved up some "good stuff" (her words, not mine) for my return.
  • 1 - Employees who went AWOL while I was out.  My boss hired a temp to replace her;  I'm not thrilled.  (If I had a proper Grumpy Cat meme, I'd use it here.)
  • 1 - Ultimatum received from an employee, who threatened to quit after the first of the year if the leadership team won't meet their demands for more exciting work and more money.  However, said person doesn't have all of the knowledge and skills necessary to do things they say they want to do, and isn't taking 'no' for an answer.  (sigh)
  • 5 - New parking spaces outside of my building, which means I don't have to trek so  far in and out of the building every day.  It's the little things, people.
  • 3 - Workplace moms who have already dispensed their sage parenting advice to me.  It was not requested.  I'm absolutely sure there is more to come.
  • 1 - Baby swings that kicked the bucket, leaving my husband with very few devices that keep our daughter happy.  Right now, if Avery's not happy, nobody's happy, so I just ordered a new swing.  Never mind the fact that we have enough baby equipment in our house to accommodate triplets (no joke), but she only likes 1 activity mat and sometimes 1 bouncer.  Otherwise, she wants to be held and snuggled non-stop.  Send prayers that she likes the new swing--Hubs' sanity is riding on it!
  • 100.38 - Dollars spent on the Macy's baby apparel sale via lunchtime online shopping.  It's really cold here in Florida this week and I realized that we don't have anywhere near enough warm clothing for Avery.  I also bought some clothes for my niece for Christmas, so YAY for multi-tasking!
  • 2 - Nights that I was home late this week due to pre-planned after-work commitments and an emergency battery need.  Apparently every single baby item seems to need some special type of battery.  Hubs didn't love that he was being left alone for extra-long periods of time during his first week being a SAHD.  In his words, he was "thrown to the wolves".  Poor guy.  Luckily he's a wonderful daddy and he and Avery just got a lot of extra bonding time!
  • 5:30 - Time this morning that Avery woke up and refused to go back to sleep.  Every other day, she sleeps until 7:30, but on the Friday of a very long tiring week, she decided that she needed to start her day.  Many thanks to her for my early Friday morning wake-up call, followed by cute smiles and snuggles, and later followed by crying because she didn't get her bottle fast enough.  It's par for the course in Baby Land.
Overall, it's been a really good week, but stressful for all of us in my little family.  It will definitely get easier in time, once we have a new routine established and I'm back in the swing of things at work.

What were the highlights of your week? 

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