Monday, December 22, 2014

My Time with a Psychic

*This is a sponsored post, but my experiences and opinions are 100% my own.*
Not long ago, I had an opportunity to have a psychic reading courtesy of, and I jumped at the chance to speak with a psychic could tell me more about my family and new baby.  While I was skeptical about the true abilities of a psychic, my natural curiosity led me to exploring something new and different.  I thought it would be a fun experience if nothing else. 

About 7 months ago, I met a woman at a friend's party who claimed to be psychic, and she shared some information with me about my future.  While it was interesting food for thought, I remained a skeptic.   After being offered this opportunity, I hoped to find out whether Psychic Source's psychic shared similar statements about my family and future to match what I'd heard previously.
I set up my appointment with Christine, a popular psychic on their website, with a gift for clairaudience.
My primary questions for Christine were regarding my current and future children, as well as my family and personal health and well-being.  We chatted on the phone for 45 minutes, but it seemed like only a few minutes had passed.  Christine was helpful and personable, but didn't pry into my personal business or ask me to reveal anything that I didn't want to share.

I first asked Christine about my new baby's personality.  She told me that our new baby would be laid back and relaxed as she gets older, as well as very smart, a great student, and incredibly honest.  She said she would be someone who other people go to for advice, and someone with a natural inclination to help and support others.  She then called out that this was more of my personality than my husband's.  That part was spot on.  She also mentioned a mother figure who watches over Avery, and mentioned that this was Avery's grandmother who had passed not long ago.

When asked about future children, Christine said our next child would also be a girl, who would have more of my husband's personality traits.  She said that she will clam up when upset and will butt heads with her dad, since they're so much alike.  She said that if we decided to have a third child, it would be a boy, and he would be a real handful.  She also mentioned that he would be a lot like my dad and I'd have to watch him every minute because he will be sneaky and a bit devious.  She did note, however, that although the boy would be sneaky, he would be a natural comedian and bring tremendous joy to our lives.

Christine predicted some interesting things for the next year of my professional life, so I can't wait to see how that develops.  She also noted that my sister and I would eventually live closer together in the future, which I'd love.  I also laughed when Christine described my niece as a natural leader and a Type A personality who would naturally lead my daughter around in the future.  She already does this when we get together for family functions, and apparently does this at her daycare as well!

One thing I appreciated about Christine was that she didn't just tell me about the good things, but seemed to be a realist.  She said that we would never be rich, but we would always have enough money to live comfortably.  She also said that we would have struggles with a member of our family who means well but his communication is poor and he believes the world revolves around him.  She said this family member would come to stay with us for awhile but wouldn't live with us long term.  Not great news, but not awful either.  It was mentioned as a point of caution, but not as though it would be anything life changing.

Christine gave me some tips on what my family should look out for health-wise, and shared a little about my husband's professional changes in the coming year.  It was a thought-provoking discussion, to say the least.

After the phone call, I recalled my previous meeting with that friend of a friend who said she was psychic.  Every single thing she told me matched what Christine told me in that phone call, down to very small details where I thought, how could she have known?  This added a layer of legitimacy and comfort to a process where I had been so skeptical.

The discussion helped me to feel more excited about the future and possibilities it holds, as well as feel more eager to get to know the growing and evolving personality of my little girl.  Christine didn't give me any promises, guarantees or spectacularly bad news, and that's just how I hoped it would be. 

If you're interested in learning more about the psychic services offered by, please check out their website!


Nichole @ said...

Hmmm, interesting. For my bachelorette party my girlfriends paid for a reading for me in Key West. I hate to say it but she was very bogus. I'd love something like your experience though!

Kari said...

Yeah, I've heard a lot about the "Miss Cleo" type of psychics who are bogus, too, and that's why I was skeptical. After talking with this person, though, she corroborated EVERYTHING the other person told me and mentioned things about my father in law that she couldn't have possibly known. It was a little bit freaky, actually! I still think people should remain skeptical and really think about what information is being shared. If anyone tells you that "negative energy" is following you around and they want $300 more to help rid you of that energy, just run away!

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