Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life's Little Speedbumps

Every so often, when life has been moving along at a swift but manageable pace, we find ourselves encountering challenges.  Speed-bumps, if you will.  Usually these are unavoidable things, but sometimes we can see them coming a mile away and painted in fluorescent yellow.  Yet somehow, even when we can see these issues coming, slowing down and bracing for the bump just doesn't happen. 

I say all of this because there have been many of these speed-bumps in my life over the past 6 months.  I had my daughter in August, and felt so, so blessed.  She's really better than I ever expected.  However, within 2 weeks of her being born, the speed-bumps started and haven't let up.

Since September, we've had water leak issues that led to mold remediation and the need to replace all of my kitchen cabinets, a terrible bout of bronchitis around the holidays that led me to an ER visit and feeling utterly helpless, my car air conditioner died, my house air conditioner is on the fritz, and my dog needed some major veterinary care.  In addition, Avery is growing and learning, my husband transitioned to being a Stay At Home Dad, and I've been working a lot to meet many expectations at my job.  Speed-bump after speed-bump, some foreseeable and others not, and it doesn't appear to be stopping any time soon.

Life has a crazy way to teaching us lessons.  Being prepared and able to cope with the unexpected and not see the many speed-bumps as insurmountable requires patience, optimism and persistence in solving each problem.  I am better in some of these areas than others, but my abilities can be impacted by my overall stress levels.

Then comes last week.  After 6 months of not seeing any real progress on replacing our kitchen cabinets, our contractor finally got started on our kitchen remodel.  But wouldn't you know it, there were issues!  We found mold behind a section of the previous backsplash, our cabinets had a number of critical issues mainly due to sloppy installation and decisions made by our general contractor without involving Hubs and I.  The cabinet installer who came out to review our issues kept lying to me about some of the problems and was rude to me when I called him out on that.  Mama didn't raise no fool, friends!  He finally committed to fixing the issues, so now we're playing the waiting game for new cabinets to come in and our countertops and sink to be installed.  Ugh.  So more hand-washing baby bottle parts in the bathroom sinks (tedious activity at its finest!) and not being able to cook proper meals at home.  Great, fantastic, perfect!  All of this sent my anxiety into overdrive yet again, and rolling over this speed-bump continues to be rough.

On top of that, as if I needed more problems, I have written blog 10 posts that haven't posted as scheduled.  I couldn't figure out why, but I just discovered that the ones that have posted were done from another computer (not my normal laptop).  I now have a computer issue to solve.  Yay, another bump!

But you know what?  Even after all of this, I feel optimistic and excited for the future, especially for how much better life will be after I work my way out from underneath this mound of crud.  I'm being patient, I'm focused on both short- and long-term results, and I'm remaining persistent.  I know that speed-bumps will occur forever and I'm taking these issues as lessons with the goal of improving my response and outlook in the future.  It will all be great in the end, I just know it!

In the meantime... Do you have any suggestions for an extended-weekend vacation for Hubs, Baby and I to take and unwind? 

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