Thursday, March 5, 2015

Avery is 6 months old!

We love half-birthdays in this house (says the lady with the Christmas-time birthday), we had a great time celebrating Avery's 1/2 birthday not long ago.

It's hard to believe she's really 6 months old already.  I feel like I just had her a month ago.  She's developing so much personality and we're starting to see more of what's to come as she grows up.  At her 6 month doctor's appointment, Avery weighed 17 lbs 8 oz (80th percentile) and was a whopping 28.5" long (over the 100th percentile).   She's so long that she's already growing out of her 9 month pajamas!  I am going to sob when I have to put her in 12 month pjs with grippy bottoms on the feet, like a big girl.

On her half-birthday, we started by having her professional photos taken.  We go to a local Picture People studio for quarterly pictures since they're reasonably priced and a stone's throw from where we live.  Avery started out fairly grumpy because we woke her up early from her nap and she was starting to get hungry.  We took some mediocre photos, then we fed her, changed her diaper and put on a different outfit.  She was like a new baby!  Much, much happier and willing to play along for the camera.  At one point, she angrily kicked off her shoes, so we decided just to take the pictures we could without them since she seemed to be pretty happy barefooted.  That's called picking your battles, folks.

Then we had a nice lunch out while Avery had a much needed nap, and then we went home to rest. Baby photo days really exhaust all of us, because Avery becomes super high maintenance and needs constant handling, cheering up, snuggling, funny faces, bouncing, kisses, etc.  I sense that we have a future supermodel on our hands!

Here are some of her latest likes, dislikes and milestones:

  • Likes getting a bath
  • Likes Daddy's silly voices
  • Likes fruit and veggie purees
  • Likes barrel-rolling across the living room
  • Likes her BFF/dog, Bella (particularly her licks)
  • Likes sleeping
  • Likes when mommy and daddy read her books before bed
  • Likes riding in the car (when it's moving)
  • Likes her jumperoo
  • Dislikes getting towel dried after her bath
  • Dislikes certain faces made by Daddy (causing her to spontaneously burst into tears)
  • Dislikes diaper changes
  • Dislikes bedtime (she's got FOMO on weeknights)
  • Dislikes when the car stops moving for any reason
  • Dislikes wet diapers (and oddly, she's indifferent about poopy diapers)
  • Now eats 3 containers of purees per day (1 fruit, 2 veggie) and smaller volumes of formula
  • Mimics sounds she hears from her family
  • Prefers standing with help from mommy and daddy to sitting
  • Losing interest in her pacifier; More interested in chewing on her pacifier strap
  • Eating and sleeping schedules are now more consistent
  • Holds her own bottle (when she feels like it)
  • Giggles up a storm and loves to smile
We're still working on sitting up unassisted (this has been very inconsistent, since she'd prefer to stand up or roll around rather than sit up), getting up on all fours, and coordinating her lanky limbs to do any type of crawling.  Also, we're going to be graduating from the infant car seat to the convertible car seat.  We bought a convertible seat recently and will be giving that a try soon.  If we like it, we'll buy a second for our other car.

That's it for us!  We're loving Avery and seeing her grow is so, so much fun.  She's just getting cuter by the day, and her personality is adorable.  We're lucky, lucky people.

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