Friday, May 8, 2015

Life Lately + What's Coming Up

Hooray for a new installment of Life Lately!  I realized the other day it had been awhile since I did one, so here goes.

   +  Avery is 8 months old now!  Where has the time gone???  She's adorable, she's crawling, learning to walk, starting to talk... All fabulous!  (I'll be posting pictures soon.)  However, she's not the snuggle-loving baby she once was.  Her new priorities are focused less on snuggling with mommy and daddy and more on figuring out how to be bipedal and get to our geriatric Miniature Schnauzer.

   +  I feel like my life has been a bit of a No Fun Zone recently with the stress of many things.  However, I've found much-needed time for a few joyful activities.  Hubs and I are going to a concert this weekend, I'm seeing my family for my first Mother's Day, and I'm starting a reorganization project in my master bedroom closet.  YAY!

   +  I bought some new makeup and hair products recently that have rocked my world!  Totally amazing stuff.  (Remember, "totes amazeballs" doesn't exist in my vocab.)  I am working on a post about all of my recent finds, so expect that to be posted shortly!

   +  I've been working my way though my good ol' beauty stash and using up products.  I'll have an empties post coming up soon to talk about which products I liked and those that I'd gladly give away to a good home.  I found some real winners hidden away, and a few major stinkers.

   +  My feet have changed sizes since having a baby and I realized last weekend that very few of my summer shoes fit me anymore.  Damn.  I guess it's a good excuse to buy new shoes, but I really liked some of my old kicks.  Plus, there were memories in those shoes!  I know ya'll know what I mean.  I attach memories to the strangest things sometimes, but I think women do the same with shoes.  Can you remember the shoes you wore on your first date with your significant other?  I sure can!

   +  My sister is pregnant with my second niece, and seeing her at Easter was so wonderful.  The new baby is due the day after Avery's first birthday!  AND, they need help with a name.  The rules are that it has to be a 2 syllable name, can't start with an M, and can't end in a i, y, ie, or ee.  Send me your suggestions!

   +  Hubs and I just had to replace the air conditioning system and water heater in our house.  Talk about a big expense!  Thankfully, the new systems work like a dream and will probably save us a lot of money on our heating and cooling bills.  And I definitely can't complain about that!

   +  That reminds me, I still haven't posted photos of our kitchen remodel and some additional projects in the laundry room and pantry.  Stay tuned for more on those!

   + I'm now using Weight Watchers to better my health and give me incentive and support to rebuild my healthy lifestyle.  I'm enjoying the journey so far, and I know things will only get easier as healthy eating and exercise become routines and habits.  It gets discouraging at times, but I'm loving the feeling of being on a healthier path!

So that's it for me!  Please drop me a line or support or give me any suggestions or comments.  I love to hear everyone's feedback!

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