Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our Kitchen Evolution

Quite awhile back, as in last Fall, you may remember our crazy saga with discovering a water leak in our dishwasher drain line that destroyed several of our kitchen cabinets beyond repair.  While we had dreamed of remodeling our kitchen since we bought the house back in the Fall of 2013, we put that off when we found out that I was pregnant.  Suddenly, we had many other expenses to worry about.  Nonetheless, when the water leak and the extent of its damage was uncovered just 2 weeks after our baby was born, life forced our hand to remodeling the kitchen sooner than expected.

The process with insurance adjusters, construction companies, and approvals took months.  We got the mold remediation and cleanup completed quickly, but replacing the cabinets took much, much longer.  Finally, the project began to move forward... in December.  That's three months after discovering the mess.  

After working with the adjuster and insurance company, we chose a construction company with experience in insurance jobs and a willingness to work with our budget for upgrades.  Many construction companies weren't--they wanted $25k+ for a kitchen remodel, which I couldn't guarantee.  The company we chose was great about that, though, and was fine with advising us on the price of each change to ensure that we were making the best choices within our financial constraints. 

For finishes, we chose Shaker-style cabinets in a dark espresso stain with simple crown molding and modern stainless steel cabinet handles.  We also chose a white granite with gray and brown tones, which worked well with a backsplash tile we found.  It all came together so well!  The backsplash wasn't exactly what I'd initially had in mind, but with warm and cool tones, it allows us a lot of future flexibility for changing our decor and color schemes.  It also adds more interest than plain white subway tiles.

Now, no kitchen remodel would be complete without Before and After pictures.  I've shared some of the Before shots here previously, but I'll humor myself and share them again because they were so bad...

Here is a historical timeline of our kitchen...

Phase 1 - The Sad Face Era

This is what the house looked like when we bought it.  I'm not sure which I hate more:  the bad faux finishing on the walls, the brown trim and doors, the fluorescent lights, or the spectacular clutter.

Phase 2 - Classing Up the Joint

We made a few changes... like fresh, light paint, new lighting, and stainless steel appliances. All entirely necessary.  There's also a pendant light over the kitchen sink, which you can't see well in these pictures.  After the kiddo was born, we also added a new sink granite and brushed nickel faucet, but I don't have any great pictures of those.

Phase 3 - Accessorizing Is Everything

We knocked ourselves out by adding hardware to the cabinets, which we planned to keep for awhile.  We also added cute rugs in our busiest areas, which matched the decor of the living room.

Phase 4 - Oh Happy Day!

Finally, in February and March, we arrived at our finished product.  It finally feels like our home.  The light countertops make the room feel so much lighter, even with the dark cabinets.  We feel like that made a huge difference in the feeling of this room.  We also swapped out some old outlets for new ones with USB ports for charging our devices on the island, and that's been so, so helpful!  We also traded out the old double-basin stainless sink for a single-basin metallic gray granite undermount sink, which is perfect for us.  It's one of the most complimented parts of our new kitchen, and it's fabulous for giving our kiddo a bath.  The kitchen's footprint, appliances and flooring remained the same to keep things cost effective.  We may eventually get a new window treatment over the sink, but for now, it's fine.

Those are a lot of changes in the past year and a half!  It's hard to believe, but living through each phase has made it feel like a darn eternity.  We're just so pleased with how it all turned out.

Have you remodeled a kitchen before?
Was it as stressful for you as the process was for us?

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Lane said...

I love the single basin sinks! We put an apron front sink in our current house when we remodeled and I already have plans for a stainless apron front single basin in our new house... whenever we get to remodel the kitchen there... hopefully in like a year. I feel your pain on waiting :)

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