Monday, June 29, 2015

Avery is 10 months old!

Baby Avery has now hit the ripe ol' age of 10 months, guys!  

My girl is growing faster than I ever dreamed.  I swear, she'll be asking me for gas money and lip gloss next week. Sheesh. I'd love to put the brakes on this whole growing up business.  She can stay a baby for a little longer!

Some new milestones this month are eating sold grown up foods like soft cooked vegetables, fruit (she loves bananas, but not peaches), macaroni and cheese, deli turkey, toast, cheerios, baby cereal and yogurt snacks.  She still drinks some formula and baby food purees, too.  We bought some baby yogurt to try out this week, as well as new fruits and veggies.

Avery is now moving non-stop.  She's a pro at cruising around the living room and took two steps consecutively yesterday without holding on to anything!  She's going to be walking/running any day now.  She zooms around the house in her walker and loves her huge playpen that daddy built in the dining room with a big baby fence system. 

She's showing more and more of her personality every day.  She babbles in the cutest way, squeals and screeches to find her voice and smiles at the sweetest moments.  I love the person she's becoming and can't wait for her to start talking.  If she's anything like me, the house will never be quiet again!

Here are a few pictures from her 10 month birthday...

Also, it's time for some new headbands.  I feel like this one has made more than one appearance in her pictures lately, so it's time for some new hair accessories!

So there you have it, our sweet, sassy bundle of joy.  Happy 10 months, Avery Jane!

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