Sunday, June 7, 2015

Avery is 9 Months Old

Avery is now 9 months old!  Hooray!

At her last appointment, she was 29.5" long and weighed 20 lbs, 4 oz.  That's apparently the 97th percentile for height (which explains why she wears 12-month pajamas) and 74th percentile for weight.  She's growing tall and strong, just like her daddy.  I just love our little stringbean!

This past month, Avery started pulling herself into a standing position, cruising along the furniture, and standing up on her own without holding on to anything. We finally went out and bought her a good pair of shoes of Stride Rite so she'd have good supportive shoes for learning to walk.  Much like her dad, she has big, wide feet.  She's also getting into everything these days, including the dog's food and water bowls!  She also loves to chase after our dog, Bella, and really loves it when Bella licks her (even though Bella likes to lick Avery right on/in her mouth--EW!).  They're like star-crossed lovers, Avery and Bella. I'm just thrilled that they like each other and that Bella removes herself from the baby's line of fire when she's not in the mood for having her fur tugged on or being chased by our munchkin.

Avery's also teething like crazy, even though only two teeth have popped through her gums to date.  I am sure that several will come in all at once, the way she's going.  We just call her our little drool monster because her chin and neck are always soaked with her saliva and she loves chewing on Sophie the Giraffe and her pacifier.

Avery is starting to eat solids, though some days with them are better than others.  She is mainly still eating bottles and pureed foods, but is learning to enjoy Cheerios, cheese, turkey lunch meat and bananas.  We found out that she hates the pureed foods that have chickpeas in them, since they were the only foods that have made her gag--twice!  This week, we're going to try various cooked veggies and toast to see how she does.  She's kind of a lazy lion about eating in general, so we're taking it slowly to see if we can have her start eating the foods that we eat.

Happy 9 Months to our princess!  Now it's time to start planning your first birthday party!

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Nichole @ said...

Insane! Where is the time going? She is so cute, Kari!

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