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GlossyBox Review - June vs. July 2015

I realized the other day that I hadn't posted about my recent Glossyboxes, so today I'm going to change that.

Oddly, while thinking about why I hadn't posted about them, it struck me that I wasn't thrilled with either one.  Perhaps I was subconsciously choosing not to post about them because I wasn't overjoyed.  I don't particularly like sharing about things I don't like, but the point of sharing reviews is so people hear my real experiences--good, bad or indifferent. That's what helps me make choices about where I invest my money, so I figure that's how others do it too.  Every review is worthwhile.

So let's get the show on the road...

June's Box

Items included in this box...

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Deluxe Sample - Value:  $14.50
As a mascara fanatic, this one is amazing.  I can't believe I haven't tried it until now!  It volumizes like a dream, has a brilliant hourglass-shaped brush with tons of bristles, and lengthens beautifully, but not as dramatically as some I've tried.  Overall, I'd give it an A.  I'll definitely be purchasing a full sized version once this sample is gone.

City Lips Collagen Peptide Lip Plumping Treatment - Clear
Full Sized - Value:  $40.00
I'm not a huge lip plumper fan, at least not since I had an incident with DuWop Lip Venom around 10 years ago when lip plumpers were the product du jour (think burning, red, swollen lips).  This product, however, was much less painful than the DuWop version, but I still got a pretty solid tingling sensation.  The plumping was pretty darn good, and I noticed it after 5-7 minutes.  Since this was the clear version, I tried this over lip stain and it looked great.  I'm still not sure if I love the tingly feeling on my lips, though.

Etre Belle Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel 
Full Size - Value:  $24.95
A nice cooling aloe gel is great in the summer, but this was nothing special for the price.  I like the less expensive aloe gels from the drugstore just as well, and a huge bottle costs me only $6, That's a pale-skinned, frequently sunburned Floridian for you, though.  I need my aloe in mass volume.  Nonetheless, it was a nice idea for a summer theme box.

Orly Nail Lacquer in Lola
Deluxe Sample - Value:  $4.00
A lovely, perfect pink for the summer!  I loved it on my toes this week, and the formula seems to be pretty chip resistant (says the girl who's hard on her feet).  I foresee using this until the bottle runs dry.

Aloe Source Vitamin C Antioxidant Creme
Deluxe Sample - Value:  $10.00
Others raved about this product, and I sure wish I got to try it, but mine was completely dried out by the time it was delivered to my home and I excitedly opened the tub.  Womp, womp... So, I didn't end up trying it, but Glossybox sent me another sample in its place and it was...

Beauty Blender Original Sponge
Full Size - Value:  $20.00
I cannot complain at all about getting a Beauty Blender sponge as a replacement!  I absolutely love this item, as I use it daily.  Big score!

Total Value of June Box:  $103.45

This was my best month yet in terms of value, and the products were pretty great.  I wish I'd gotten to try the Aloe Source creme, but the Beauty Blender sponge wasn't a shabby replacement.  I was very happy with this box overall.

July's Box

Hey Honey I Peel Good! Biomimetic Creamy Honey Peel Cream
Deluxe Sample - Value:  $29.50
This product exfoliates, hydrates, and leaves behind a natural, protective lipid barrier, so I was intrigued.  I was initially turned off by how tacky this product felt on my skin during my initial application, but the more I massaged it in, the less sticky it became.  The scent is very light, which was great, and not overly sweet like the honey in the name suggests.  It did leave my skin very soft, and I followed a friend's recommendation of rinsing it off, which helped a lot.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
Deluxe Sample - Value:  $5.11
I had already tried this once after receiving it in a Target Beauty Box.  It was alright, as sleeping masks go.  It was soothing, softening and didn't clog up my pores.  I just wish this could have been a full size product, since I tend to use pretty thick layers of sleeping mask products when I use them.  I feel like I burn through these tiny pots in a flash, so a bigger pot would have been nice.

Kueshi Anticellulite Booster Lotion
Full Size - Value:  $22.60
Here's another product from the Spanish line that gave us a lovely toner a few months ago (it was a really great toner!).  However, this anticellulite product isn't going to be helpful for me--my cellulite is far past the point of no return.  I mean, a girl can dream that a tube of cream will erase that, but I'm too realistic for that.  However, this may make a good trade item with my pal Tracy, who loves to swap items with me.  

Face Stockholm Eye Pencil in White
Full Size - Value:  $17.00
Honestly, I wasn't feeling this white eye pencil.  I already have one from a number of years back that barely got used, and the idea of using a white eyeliner on my waterline just doesn't excite me.  Practically any other color would have been great, but white isn't my thing anymore.  This is another goody for the trade pile.

Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint
Full Size - Value:  $5.50
I actually really liked this lip balm.  It's go a great peppermint flavor and tingle that's not overpowering and a velvety-smooth formula that glides over my dry lips like a cool summer breeze.  This one's a keeper!  

Total Value of July Box:  $79.71

Overall, this box was a "meh" for me.  Some good, some not so good.  I guess they can't all hit on my sweet spots relating to products.  But seriously, how did I end up with the white eye pencil when everyone else got some other color???

Overall Thoughts

I didn't passionately adore either of these boxes, but each had a couple of items that were wonderful, and a few items that most certainly weren't.  Glossybox has one more month to impress me before I consider pulling the plug.  Just like with every subscription service, there are ups and downs from month to month, but you have to be blown away at some point to feel like moving forward with the sub is worth the investment.  Hopefully the August box is a stellar one!

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