Sunday, August 23, 2015

Avery Jane's 1st Birthday

Happy 1st birthday to my dear Avery Jane!  You were born a year ago and daddy and I's lives have been forever changed in the best of ways.  Now we couldn't imagine life without you, nor would we want to.

Your smile lights up any room, just as it lights up daddy and I's hearts.  Your sweet, loud giggles are infectious and your kisses make my heart skip a beat.   Your adorable noises, dramatic sobs just to get some extra snuggles and love affair with our family doggie only make daddy and I love you more.  

I can't believe you're walking all over the house, getting more and more curious by the day and learning so quickly.  You're totally infatuated with your book collection, and you're growing to love your stuffed animals much more than you did just a few months ago.  You're taking to eating big people food pretty well, but we have a ways to go still.  You and Bella have become co-conspirators, where you purposely drop half of your food to her on the floor rather than eating it yourself, and believing that if you "refuse" food by shoving it all off your tray onto the floor (to a hungry, patiently waiting miniature schnauzer, who will gobble up any food that falls her way), that we'll eventually give you something you like better.  Tsk, tsk.  Mom and dad found you out, but we love how cute and coy your game had become.  Nice try, doll face.  You have fully transitioned form formula to milk, but still won't take a sippy cup unless you want to spike it on the ground like a football.  You are, however, drinking lots of water out of your bottle, so I have no doubt that we'll get there eventually.

Daddy and I had a little birthday party for you on your birthday, just the three of us and our doggie, Bella.  The whole day, we sang you happy birthday, reminded you that you're no longer our baby but now our toddler, and did everything we could to make you smile.  Your big part is coming in 2 weeks, but this was just for you, me and daddy, and it was wonderful.  Here are some pictures from our little family birthday celebration...

You had such a wild and exhausting day with your pictures being taken and an epic meltdown during your cake-smashing pictures, but after a long nap, you had a great time having dinner and opening presents.  You even ate birthday cake for the first time--and you loved it!  See?  Birthday cake and frosting weren't so bad after all!  You just wanted it cut up in pieces so you could see that the frosting wasn't hiding something sinister, like brussels sprouts or quinoa.  We gave you three of your presents on your birthday, your first teddy bear and two books.  The teddy bear was a huge hit and you have hardly put it down since.

Also on your birthday, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kelly, and your cousin Elise sang you Happy Birthday over the phone TWICE, and everyone wished they could have seen your face--you smiled so big and knew that it was a special day all your own.  Don't worry, they'll be here in 2 weeks for the bigger party!

Wishing you many, many more wonderful birthdays, happy times, and birthday memories to come, Avery!

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