Sunday, August 9, 2015

Life and Stuff

Wow, it seems like it's been forever since I really sat down to give everyone some updates.  Ready... Set... Go!

*  As I've shared previously, I've been under a lot of stress in the past year.  It seems like Murphy's Law has been in full effect, and we can't seem to catch a break.  Between family illnesses, work stress, homeowner issues, rental property owner issues, parent issues, etc., it's just been a wild ride.  I've been working on several ways to get these things under control, but some of them I can't share just yet. (Yes, I know I said that a week or two ago.  Still the same.  Can't share right now.)  I will as soon as I can though!

*  Hubs and I went to see Dave Matthews Band last Wednesday night and it was PHENOMENAL!  We didn't see them last year because I was 8 months pregnant and fully miserable by that point.  There's no way I could have sat outside, sweating my buns off, and having to use the ladies room every 10 minutes.  Not to mention my slow waddling between the car and the venue in the huge parking lot, getting bumped into by dozens of drunk people, and potentially finding myself in a driving rainstorm wearing only a glorified trash bag.  No ma'am.  This year, though, it was a whole different story.  It rained earlier in the day, and was gorgeous during our tailgate.  (There was much rejoicing over the great weather!)  While it did get more humid as the evening went on, it stayed rain-free and we enjoyed a wonderful show.  I couldn't have been happier with how it all turned out!

*  I'm busy planning Avery's first birthday party.  I can't believe she's almost a year old already!  Where did my tiny little baby go?!?!  She was so small and cuddly, and now she is much bigger and can't sit still.  She's such a sweet girl though, and we're excited to get her birthday party invitations sent out soon.  By the way, I feel like I've lost my knack for party planning since it's been soooo long since I've hosted a gathering.  I need to get my groove back, and maybe this will help!

*  Oh yeah, Avery walked unassisted for the first time last weekend and by this weekend she's all over the house!!  YEAH, I KNOW.  Now we need to finish baby-proofing, stat.  She's already starting to open the lower cupboards in the kitchen and tip over the chairs in our breakfast nook,so time is of the essence!

*  I'm doing pretty well with my diet.  In three months, I've lost close to 30 lbs.  I still have a long way to go, but I believe in the pursuit of progress, not perfection (it's my personal mantra at this point!).  Hubs has lost over 50 lbs during the same period, but that's a guy for you.  Same diet, loses more weight.  Nonetheless, I'm incredibly proud of him.  He weighs less than when we got married and is looking quite foxy, if I must say so myself!

*  I've discovered that Weight Watchers makes excellent low-fat ice cream treats, my favorite being the Giant Fudge Bar.  Remember Pudding Pops back in the day?  They taste a lot like those, but without a creeper like Bill Cosby promoting them. Here's me in my WW bathrobe indulging in one of these delicious (3 point!) treats...

*  It's been raining like its Monsoon season here in Florida over the past 2 weeks, resulting in tons of flooding.  I seriously felt like I should have stayed home to build an ark yesterday, but I somehow got myself to work and only hydroplaned twice during my commute (Note to self:  Avoid standing water on bridges).

*  I'm so, so far behind on home projects.  I'm at the point where I'm ready to pay someone to clean up my landscaping, deep clean the inside of my house, wash and detail my car, and put air in my tires.  I know, that sounds ridiculous to some of you, but others know what I mean.  Being a working mom is tough, even when Hubs is a SAHD.  He even has limited time to do chores and things because she's such a handful, doesn't always nap well and has other things to do in his downtime, like put together my new gas grill, do laundry (gotta have clean clothes!) and tend to our geriatric schnauzer.  We're all busy and just getting by these days.

*  My newest niece is scheduled to be born on August 17, so I'm taking that week off work to spend with my family.  I pray that baby is born healthy and mama stays healthy as well.  Her middle name will be the same as my middle name, so I feel a connection already!

*  One of you (you know who you are) noted that you've seen a lack of photos in recent posts that are non-food related.  I had to laugh at that one, but I know you're right.  Part of this is because my usual surfaces for photographing items are indisposed right now... busy being used for other projects and things.  I also haven't been diligent about taking photos at events, as I've been trying to be more present and in-the-moment, rather than hiding behind my camera.  No matter, though, I'll be fixing this and I appreciate you pointing it out.

That's all for now!  Hope everyone has a great week.

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Nichole @ said...

I hope I know what the good news is!!!! Congrats on your WW loss!

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