Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quick Update

Hi there!  It's been awhile, I know... I know.

Life has just been happening around here, guys.  For better and for worse, but I've tried to keep a smile on my face.  I will give you a few quick and dirty updates, and get into some specifics later this weekend when I have time to put up the lengthier posts.

*  I started a new job on August 31st!  I'm working with a former co-worker at his company any it's a great, challenging new job for me.  I'm no longer managing people, but it's a higher level job and will definitely help me in my career progression down the road.  The pay is also better and I will have opportunities to work from home a couple of days per week in the future, which will be AMAZING.  I can't wait for my training period to end and for that to get going.

* After my 4th day on the job, I tripped and fell one evening at home (on the dog's little stairs leading up to our loveseat, no less) and fractured my right wrist and fractured and dislocated my right shoulder!  I was in a shoulder immobilizer for a week (over Labor Day holiday weekend), then saw an orthopedic surgeon last week who confirmed that no surgery was necessary at this time but I'd have 3-4 more weeks of healing followed by 6-8 weeks of physical therapy ahead of me.  In the meantime, I have very limited use of my right arm, so I've had to get used to typing and mousing with only my left hand, and I'm not allowed to drive.  What a great way to start a new job--by being incredibly slow on a computer and relying on my husband and friends for rides to and from work every day!  (Sarcasm...of course.)  I also can't wash my own hair, need help getting dressed, and have to sleep in a La-Z-Boy recliner, which really stinks.  I'm a super independent person so this situation is really frustrating and upsetting.  You know what bums me out a lot?  Not being able to do my hair, skincare and makeup routines the way I like.  Sounds silly to my Hubby, but for other girls like me, I'm sure you can't understand the annoyance and pain involved in a situation like this.  For example, I can't use any hair product that isn't in a spray bottle or else I can't evenly spread it through my hair. Hmph.  Just forces me to try new products, I suppose, but that creature of habit in me isn't liking this arrangement very much!  I can't wait to get started on therapy and regain some use in my arm to resume normal activities again.

*  Avery turned 1 a few weeks ago and we held her 1st birthday party over Labor Day weekend!  Pictures to come...

*  I've had to put many plans for this Fall on hold because I just had an ER visit (thank you. trip-and-fall accident!) that will require me to pay my entire new deductible on my new health insurance NOW.  I've had to reconsider plans for redecorating our office, getting some new clothes for Hubs and I (he's dropping weight like crazy and I just need some new things for my new job), and other house/yard projects that we were really excited about.  That's just how life goes sometimes, but I can't let it get me down too much.  There will always be other times and ways for those things to happen.

*  I saw Ed Sheeran in concert last week and he was phenomenal!  I was so glad it was just him in concert and that he didn't have a full band with him--just like he's always performed.  I almost worried that he'd have a full band, with this being a huge headlining arena gig and all, but he did his thing up there solo and rocked it.  It was so much fun and even Hubs admitted the he's a really talented artist. (And that's saying something, because he's quite a music critic!)

So those are the highlights!  More to come in each area.

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