Monday, December 14, 2015

So It's Been Awhile...

I have had a bit of an absence from my blog for the past few months,  Managing my injury and new job, along with 1 year old and other family demands was just crushing every part of me, from my spirit to my drive for success.  It was even more uncharted territory than I'd faced before, even in some very tough times.

Since I was unable to take care of myself and was dependent on my husband and friends for so much, I felt trapped and isolated, even though I was never alone.  Sound strange?  Yeah, I think it does too, but it really isn't that strange.  Imagine never having any freedom to do whatever you pleased, whenever you pleased.  No more meeting friends out for lunch.  No more stopping at Target on my way home from work to pick up a few groceries.  No ability to participate in happy hours or other clubs or meetings.  That's been my life.  The timing never worked for picking up my kiddo or my husband's schedule, so these things just couldn't happen, and my life turned straight to survival mode.  In short, it sucked.  I have been ready to get better for quite awhile now, but the pain was awful and my fracture was not healing.

However, over the past month, things have been getting better over the past couple of weeks, now that physical therapy has finally led to signs of physical improvement--I'm back to driving my car again and I can lift my daughter up, even if it's just for short periods of time or in certain positions.  My little girl has instantly warmed back up to me, too, which is the very best feeling of all.  While I'm not fully independent yet, as I still need Hubs to wash my hair, lift heavy things and do other types of tasks for me, progress is a wonderful feeling!

You'll be seeing more of me again, and I can't wait!

I hope everyone's holiday season is going fabulously!

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Nichole @ said...

I know it's been a rough few months, and I hope things continue to look up for you sweet friend! I'm not far if you need anything!

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